How to Use Velvet: The Look That Never Goes Out of Style!

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One of the first things we think about when decorating an interior is what upholstery fabric we are going to use. If you are looking to create an eye-catching design it’s essential to choose an alluring and elegant fabric! Maybe you have thought about velvet or maybe you haven’t, either way here is all you need to know about how to use velvet to create a luxurious look that will never go out of style!

Interior featuring velvet chairs, sofa and pillows by Lori Morris.

Interior featuring velvet chairs, sofa. and accent pillows by Lori Morris.
Photo by Brandon Barre

What is Velvet?

To start, the word “velvet” refers to the structure of the textile and not to the actual components of the material. Because of its high costs of production and the unique appearance, the use of velvet has been historically associated with nobility. Nowadays, however, you have lots of options for using the luxurious fabric. It can be made from synthetic materials or different kinds of natural fibers. Usually, the most expensive are made of silk.

hemma chair upholstered with hide velvet by koket - how to use velvet

Hide Velvet from the KOKET Textile Collection and KOKET’s Hemma Chair

Velvet can easily change and become crushed with use over time, so if you choose to use this material be sure to learn the best ways to care for it. For example, it is advised that silk velvets are only professionally cleaned. With all types, you should be careful to never leave heavy things on it for long periods of time as it could leave a mark on the material.

The Most Desired Upholstery Fabric

How to Use Velvet

When thinking about how to use velvet first it is important to note that usually, a little touch will work on just about any product. This fabric is one of interior designers favorites to work with due to its versatility. Velvet will always make a great impression in your home – not only just visually but also with its soft touch. You can choose to use it in a minimalist way, like on accent pillows or a luxe throw. Or, if you want to create a significant impact in a space, you can use it on your accent chairs or sofa.

sofia sofa in black velvet by koket - how to use velvet

Sofia Sofa in Black Velvet by KOKET

While velvet can be a bit addictive due to its beauty and coziness, covering everything with it is not always the best idea. When using multiple velvets in the same space be sure to select different, yet compatible, textures to create interest.

audrey chair in coral velvet by koket - how to use velvet

Audrey Chair in Coral Velvet by KOKET

If you’re a velvet lover be sure to check out KOKET’s Guilty Pleasure Collection, where you can find the most desirable pieces upholstered with this simultaneously trendy and timeless fabric.

Words by Rita Archer