Euroluce 2019: Love Happens Favorite Designs & Lighting Manufacturers

Serip organic lighting at Euroluce 2019

Every two years the most innovative and spectacularly designed lighting is exhibited during Milan’s Salone del Mobile at the International Lighting Exhibition, Euroluce. Recognized as the global benchmark lighting exhibition, 420 of the best lighting manufacturers in the industry showcased their latest and greatest creations at Euroluce 2019 in April.

The show encompasses every kind of light imaginable, from outdoor, indoor and industrial to event, special use, and technologically advanced lighting software and systems. Here are some of Love Happens favorite designs and lighting manufacturers from Euroluce 2019!

12 Lh Loves from Euroluce 2019


serip organic lighting at euroluce 2019 - top lighting manufacturers
Source: @seriporganiclighting
staircase and long glass chandelier at serip organic lighting at euroluce 2019 - top lighting manufacturers
Source: @seriporganiclighting


terzani lighting stand at euroluce 2019
Terzani at Euroluce 2019
epoque chandelier by terzani lighting at euroluce 2019
Epoque Chandelier by Terzani
moire chandelier by terzani at euroluce 2019
Moire Chandelier by Terzani


fairy chandelier by lladro at euroluce 2019
Niagara Gold by Lladro
round modern crystal and brass chandelier by koket - roxy


britannica chandelier by hudson furniture at euroluce 2019
Britannica Chandelier by Hudson Furniture
chain chandelier by hudson furniture at euroluce 2019
Hudson Furniture
lotus chain chandelier by hudson furniture at euroluce 2019
Lotus Chandelier by Hudson Furniture

“Barlas Baylar launched the first-ever chain chandelier in 2008. Following the expression of his genuine artistic vision that granted chain chandeliers to interior design industry, he has inspired many other designers & companies. Before the first sketch modellings, his inspiration was derived by the Shipwreck Dress of Alexander McQueen. This source of inspiration thereafter led him to have a prestigious collaboration with The Fashion House of Alexander McQueen back in 2011.

Tracing the evolution of first-ever chain chandelier design of Baylar, Lotus is born to become one of the most iconic offerings of Hudson`s collection. Like the water dripping from the ceiling, approx. 4 miles of hand draped nickel chains of Lotus render an organic fluid presence. With its hand carved silicon bronze facades and delicately curled solid bronze frame, Lotus features a sculptural show-stopping centrepiece.”

bouchon chandelier by hudson furniture at euroluce 2019
Bouchon Chandelier by Hudson Furniture


marie martin stand at euroluce 2019 with two tropical inspired purple and gold chandeliers and a pink awning outfront



stillux glass and brass chain light at euroluce 2019
Luxury Handmade Italian Lighting by Stillux


catellani & smith at euroluce 2019
Stunning luce with a gold leaf interior by Catellani & Smith


chandelier by davide groppi at euroluce 2019
ChainDelier by Davide Groppi
“Gold is the ultimate metal. It is a metaphor of energy and desire. It is also the ideal metal to conduct electricity”
Novelties 2019
chandelier by davide groppi at euroluce 2019


the theory of light by lasvit at euroluce 2019
The latest results of light & glass experiments – The Theory of Light by Lasvit at Euroluce 2019


carousel of light by preciosa lighting at euroluce 2019
“Joy, life, & Light”
Carousel of Light by Preciosa Lighting at Euroluce 2019
Carousel of Light is based on Preciosa’s Signature Design, Pearl Curtain. Nearly 8000 spheres were used to make this installation, which follows visitors movements with light.



gonzaga pendant lights by karman at euroluce 2019
Gonzaga Available black, white or brass by Karman at Euroluce 2019

By Anna Beck Bimba

gold nature inspired wall sconce - passion sconce by koket