SAOTA Architects: Inside the Top South African Architecture Firm

Beyond by SAOTA Architects, top South African architectural firm

Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects, known as SAOTA, is a dynamic architectural firm whose work is recognizable all over the world! The leading firm of architects is run by Stefan Antoni, Philip Olmesdahl, Greg Truen, Phillippe Fouché, and Mark Bullivant. This talented group of architects has transformed SAOTA into an attractive brand, which everyone wants to work with!

Single Residential by SAOTA Architects
Single Residential Project in Los Angels by SAOTA Architects

SAOTA Architects at Work

SAOTA offers services to the corporate, institutional, commercial and residential marketplace. They have projects on 6 different continents, and while their roots are strong in their home country of South Africa, approximately 85% of their clients are from Moscow, Sydney, Miami, Dubai, and Lagos.

SAOTA perfectly understands the market they work in thus allowing them to create custom architectural projects in each of them. A powerful connection between function and form drives the firm’s incredible success.

Single Residential by SAOTA Architects
Single Residential (Kloof 119A) by SAOTA Architects

On every project, SAOTA uses the most recent computer technology. Not only to understand the design but also to communicate the design to their clients.

“We strive to promote a service marked by excellence both in our buildings and in addressing the needs of our clients, with the focus on high standards & elegance.”

Da Vinci House by SAOTA
Da Vinci House by SAOTA

Sister Company ARRCC

The synergy between SAOTA and sister interior design company ARRCC is perfectly reflected in many of their projects. In fact, director Mark Rielly started ARRCC after studying and working at SAOTA for many years.

Beyond by SAOTA in partnership with ARRCC & OKHA
Beyond by SAOTA in partnership with ARRCC & OKHA

Rielly realized that his true passion was interior architecture and design. However, he said that SAOTA’s work inspires him every day.

Beyond by SAOTA in partnership with ARRCC & OKHA
Beyond by SAOTA in partnership with ARRCC & OKHA

We can’t wait to see what this South African design powerhouse creates next!

Words by Rita Archer

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