The Rare Gift of Luxury Living

Luxury living room by Perianth Interior design in a ny apartment

Luxury at home is akin to a beautiful gift for yourself.  In fact, there is no better realization of luxury living than to carefully and artistically curate your own personal environment.  To elevate your home to a level that is sumptuously comfortable and exquisitely beautiful is to strike the tone of your daily lived experience.

The Gift of Luxury Living

Creating that gift is so much deeper than having expensive possessions at a great address.  What most imparts an emotional connection to your space is an elusive mix of those wonderful pieces married in just the right way with no detail left undeveloped.  It’s a precise and studied design process that knits these elements together to bring it to this higher level.

forbidden bed by koket - luxury living

All In The Details

While discussing one of my projects with an architect friend of mine recently, I was describing the great lengths I had gone to in order to get precisely the right color and shade for the stain of the wood floors.  I had just come from the studio to approve the final selection, after doing draw-downs on numerous blends and sheen levels to achieve perfection on those floors.  He wondered aloud whether I just over-complicated the process when many acceptable colors already made by reputable stain manufacturers exist.  I’ll readily admit his musings surprised me.

luxury living room design by sasha bikoff
Living Room Design by Sasha Bikoff Interiors

This penthouse was soon to be filled with incredible custom-made furniture, painstakingly crafted fixtures and hardware, down to the hidden pivot hinges on the huge slab doors, a state of the art sound/lighting/automation system, draperies and bedding of couture fabrics sewn by hand, and numerous artisan pieces…why on earth would the floors be left to an “acceptable” color?    

The things that make a space truly outstanding are always, always in the details.

In the fine details, we find pleasure.  From the delicate curve in the arm of a chair to meticulous pleating and the way the cushion crowns with just enough softness to invite you to sink in and relax the chair goes from simply a place to sit to an experience that delights.


The Essence of Luxury Living

Just as any masterful chef would say that we eat first with our eyes before we enjoy the pleasure to the palate, so too is our total experience of luxury living in the home.  An exceptional home will reveal itself to you.  As you have first an initial response and then begin to take in the layers of detail that comprise the finished home, you are interacting and engaging emotionally with that space.  It is a feast for the eyes as well as the spirit.

luxury living room interior design by celine estates
Interior Design by Celine Estates

Your home is quite literally the center of your universe.  It is where you can be most comfortable, your truest self, and it’s perhaps the only place where we can have things exactly the way we would like them to be, created solely for our own comfort and pleasure.  Considering the impact your home has on your life’s experience, this is quite a gift to give yourself indeed. 

Developing a finished home where everything is inspiring, luxuriously comfortable, elegant, personal, and beautiful evokes a sense of joy and fulfillment unlike anything else. That’s where a life well lived truly begins.

About the Author:

Mary Brennan has been designing luxury homes for over 20 years.  As a highly credentialed interior designer and thought leader, she creates inspired, elegantly detailed spaces for truly exceptional living.  Her philosophy centers around the belief that our very life experience is rooted in our home – and that we should live joyously, surrounded by beauty, comfort, and inspiration.

Feature Image Credit: Luxury Living Room Design Perianth Interior Design; Photo by Nathaniel Johnston Photography


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