Mentoring Young Women: The Why & How

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Have you ever considered mentoring young women? Maybe it was a close relative or just someone you felt needed guidance. Young women have the capacity to be choosy about their futures, but often they could use a little help exploring all of their options.

Mentorship is proven to be effective in adolescent development. That’s why mentoring programs are so invaluable for youth today. The next generation must know more than we did. That is the advantage of having a history; we have something we can learn from.  Young women are our future mothers, politicians, lawyers, businesswomen, and even homemakers. But let that be their choice. We must allow youth the opportunity to make the best decision for their lives by being fully informed.

Start Mentoring Young Women!

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Mentorship provides an open door to the question you didn’t think to ask, to the place you didn’t know existed, and to a perspective that will unlock every possibility. You will never instinctively learn everything if it is not first deposited in you.

So, what are some great ways to begin mentoring young women and doing it effectively?

First, get to know your mentee.

Every young woman is different and being knowledgeable of those differences will allow you to speak her language.

Second, ask “the why”.

Why has this particular subject piqued her interest or why is she considering this career path over another? Mentors are here to encourage, but also to provide realistic expectations.

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Lastly, build on her strengths.

Mentors should recognize the strengths of their mentee. Sharpening these strengths just might lead them down a career path they never imagined.

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We have an obligation to build the next generation of young women who will impact the future with their decisions so we must take action!

Words by Jada Ledbetter

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