Fresh off the Runway: Summer 2019 Trends

This year, summer 2019 trends are going to be bigger and better than ever. 2019 runways showcased an abundance of looks that include 80’s inspired collections, plenty of pastels and seasonal oddities that could be here to stay. Here are some of the hottest summer trends you’ll want to add to your Summer 2019 wardrobe come season.



side view of woman wearing purple pastel dress ( a summer 2019 trend), and a light pink handbag

Summer 2019 is marked by an obsession with lavender, lilac and other pastel colors. Stick with the lavender pallets to stay on trend. Try new shades of bubblegum pink and sherbet lime, perfect for the hot sunny months! Whether your inspiration is ice-cream or cotton candy, this style is going to bring the sweeter side of fashion out to play.


young woman wearing colorful athletic matching set (summer 2019 trend)

In recent years, the gym apparel industry has exploded and is continuing to soar thanks to the growing popularity of fitness, particularly within the younger generation. Keeping up with the latest fitness fashion trends has become just as important as the workout. As the amount spent on gym memberships has almost doubled, so has the demand for sportswear as it takes over large portions of the fashion industry. You can keep up with the summer 2019 trends and keep working on your summer bod!


woman wearing large pearls around her neck with rose pins (a summer 2019 trend) on her white blouse.

Just like the return of the daring animal prints, it would appear that the 1980’s throwback will not quit. Plundering the decade for yet another round of inspirational looks. As one of the summer 2019 trends, we will continue to see strong shoulders, glitzy party dresses and gaudy accessories. All that echo the eighties most outrageous trends that the fashion world cannot get enough of.


woman wearing a denim matching set  with a denim button up shirt underneath (summer 2019 trend).

Denim has been dominating the runways for many years, and it is showing no signs of going anywhere. The 2019 fashion world runways showcased this trend by dripping head to toe in denim of all shades, shapes and sizes; from dresses to matching sets. Although it may seem like a scary step too far for some, summer 2019 marks the year denim has no rules.

gold nature inspired wall sconce - passion sconce by koket

Boiler Suits

woman wearing a beige stylish one piece suit (a summer 2019 trend), with large pockets.

Utilitarian style has come just in time for summer, as it is the perfect cool and casual look that can be worn with some trainers or dressed up for the evening with some heeled sandals. Loose-fitting but with the option to belt up, it is easy to wear into the evening with heels making it effortlessly stylish.


young woman wearing a pink leather jackets and silver fashion sneakers (summer 2019 trend).

They say art imitates life, and this particular trend seems to be reflecting our already trainer positive culture particularly since the birth of athleisure. Business attire is becoming more and more casual, and designers have already been catering to this need with cute and functional styles. Whether for business or pleasure, social or sport, trainers will be big this summer and can be worn with almost everything.

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