A Tribute to William Yeoward

American Bar Collection by William Yeoward Crystal

The late designer William Yeoward passed away peacefully on June 18, 2019, after a long courageous battle with cancer. In case you aren’t familiar with his name, William Yeoward was one of the design industry’s leading creative forces in interior design and fine crystal tableware. This tribute is all about celebrating his life and great impact on the world of design. 

William Yeoward: The Man

William Yeoward
William Yeoward

Born in 1957, it seems as though William Yeoward always had a passionate talent to show the world. He recalled painting his bedroom door and rearranging furniture around the home. He told Flower Magazine, “My grandmother was very good with her house, and I spent a lot of time with her. It lit the paper that would become a fire.” He was one of a kind in his family though, as they all took interest in completely different subjects. 

A variety of champagne glasses designed by William Yeoward

William Yeoward: The Brand

Yeoward lived a long life dedicated to his craft. After school, he opened up his first store on the Kings Road, Chelsea in 1985. At first, the store carried mainly antiques and commissioned items. As the store continued to grow, he added upholstered furniture, lighting, and crystal. He made himself known for creating delicacy and comfort in the home but found his fame in tableware. With the help of crystal maker Timothy Jenkins, they opened up William Yeoward Crystal in 1990. Together they offered anything from cachepots to picture frames, with captivating detail and craftsmanship. 

william yeoward textiles for designers guild
Pellenport Fabrics by William Yeoward for Designers Guild

In 1998, William Yeoward added fabric and wallpapers to the collection. By 2012, He had added rugs and cushions to his distribution. Two years after, he expanded his craft even more and offered handmade furniture. It is apparent that he conducted a fruitful career, even publishing six books by 2017.

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A Love for Nature

Known for his modern British look, at first glance you can tell easily tell Yeoward was inspired by nature. More specifically though, he took inspiration from his garden. When the garden is at it’s thriving peak, you could see an abundance of colors that constantly show up in his product designs. Elegant branches and leaves are a common element in his tableware. 

bone china gold dishes by william yeoward

As the fire that was lit decades ago is put out by the tragedy that is his death, take the time to appreciate all that he contributed to the creative world. William Yeoward will not only live on in some of our homes and in the future of the William Yeoward brand but also through the footprint he left on his industry. 

Words by Tatiana Roberson

floor screen with brass butterflies by koket