Meet the Barbie Role Models: Barbie’s 60th Anniversary Line

Barbie Role Models - Barbie 60th Anniversary Celebration

Barbie, from the iconic Mattel brand, has reigned as one of the top doll lines for decades. More than plastic, these beautiful figurines are representative of the diversity of young girls and women. Barbie celebrates its 60th anniversary by introducing a new line of Barbie role models dolls. What better way to commemorate such a distinguished brand than to honor some of our 21st-century icons?

20 Barbie Role Models

Throughout the decades, Barbie has evolved in diversifying style, dress, ethical representation, occupation and now the heroines of success. The Barbie world of influence has always been paramount, empowering the minds of young impressionable girls who want to see themselves in their most prized possession. Now, their favorite doll not only looks like them but looks like what they can become. Barbie may be small in stature, standing only 11.5 inches tall, but she is big in influence, featuring over 200 inspirational careers.

Who are the Barbie role models?

Yara Shahidi and Naomi Osaka, Barbie Role Models

Yara Shahidi, Naomi Osaka, and Dipa Karmakar, are just a few leading ladies chosen as Barbie role models. As an actress, tennis player and gymnast, these women epitomize the philosophy of Barbie’s founder Ruth Handler. Ruth believed a little girl could be whatever she wanted to be. Thus, her inception of Barbie was to transform the limited professional projection of the 1959 doll. The 21st century Barbie has continued in her legacy by expanding its inclusivity, diversity, and ideology.

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Who is Barbie?

Barbie Role Models showing different occupations

Barbie has proved to young girls that beauty is uniqueness, style is subjective, and the right occupation is the one that fits you. Barbie’s no boundaries approach empowers young girls to follow their heart’s desires rather than subject themselves to societal pressures. Barbie is the quintessential young woman. Meaning, she is the woman that defines herself for herself without permission. Barbie inspires girls to believe that beauty and brains can co-exist in any woman. We can be both beautiful and powerful; Barbie denotes that by destroying the one-dimensional stereotypical woman of former years.

Let’s celebrate Barbie’s 60th anniversary by taking the Barbie philosophy to the next generation of young girls that want more than just a doll, but a 21st-century icon!

Words by Jada Ledbetter

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