Making a Statement With Dramatic Furniture Pieces

ribbon dining table koket projects solid wood furniture

More designers are falling in love with statement furniture pieces — furniture that can say something all on its own. It can have a dramatic impact on a room, drawing in the eyes of each person who enters.

Look for dramatic furniture that says the right thing, whether it be sleek, elegant, minimal or luxurious. The eight trendy examples below can turn any room into a masterpiece.

Oversized Chandeliers

Chandelier Statement Furniture
Nymph Chandelier by KOKET

An over-sized chandelier is dramatic and playful. It instantly draws the eyes, unmistakable in its regard. Choose a room with high ceilings, like the main foyer or dining room, to create an exaggerated effect. For a unique touch, you can also choose non-traditional finishes like brass or mirror. And look for fixtures with light-refracting pendants hung at varying heights, which will create a rainbow effect around your room.

Raw Wood Materials

Wood Accent Statement Furniture in La Peer Hotel interior designed by Gulla Jonsdottir
Kimpton La Peer Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA designed by Gulla Jonsdottir
Source: Photograph by Laure Joliet Courtesy of Gulla Jonsdottir

Nothing makes a statement quite like bringing the outdoors inside. Raw wood, especially when mixed with materials like steel and cement, can create an edgy artisanal look. It can also provide a softer edge to a chic industrial aesthetic. Consider a raw wood dining table with sleek black steel legs. Or opt for natural wood floating shelves with unrefined edges that offer a mystical feel.

Showcase Tables

Showcase Table Statement Furniture
Dining Table and Chairs by Brabbu

Make your table the centerpiece of your dining room. Your eyes should fall on this statement furniture piece as soon as you walk through the entryway. Consider materials other than wood for added dramatic effect. Marble can make any room look refined and elegant. Alternatives like marble composites — crushed marble encased in resin — are more durability while mimicking natural earth tones. Try ditching the default rectangular table and play with different shapes.

Low-Slung Chaise Lounges

Millicent Chaise Lounge by KOKET Statement Furniture
Millicent Chaise by KOKET

You want the furniture you sit on to be practical and comfortable, but it can also be beautiful. Consider adding a low-slung chaise lounge to your living room or den to create a style akin to Hollywood Regency. This fixture will remind you of the golden days when films featured over-the-top set designs meant to be as glamorous as possible. Look for bold, geometric patterns or broad stripes. Or choose something more intricate, like Asian-inspired motifs.

Intricate Sideboards

opium Sideboard by koket Statement Furniture
Opium Sideboard by KOKET

A sideboard, also called a buffet, takes a plain dining room and adds depth and warmth. Wood is a commonly used material, with shelves and drawers you can fill with heirloom kitchenware. Show off what’s inside with beveled glass panels. Choose an untreated or driftwood style to mimic a relaxed Bohemian style. Or keep things playful with a bright hue like electric blue, lemon yellow or coral.

Upholstered Couches

Kelly sofa by KOKET Statement Furniture - statement couches
Kelly Sofa by KOKET

An upholstered couch in a bold color like plum or scarlet is classic Hollywood drama. Crisp, seducing lines and rich textures will make the spot both an eye-catching statement and a comfortable place to rest. Look for designs with a high-fanned back that shapes into sumptuous curves. Add a little fringe to the bottom to show off a flirty, date-night style. Or play up the sophistication with curved brass legs.

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Plushy Headboards

Mademoiselle Headboard by Christopher Guy - statement furniture
Mademoiselle Headboard by Christopher Guy

Gone is the hardwood that hurts your head after an accidental bump in the night. The cherry sleigh bed is beautiful, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the luxe headboard made of sumptuous fabrics like velvet, suede, and satin. Choose a button-tufted design in a bright floral pattern for a headboard that’s an instant eye-catcher. Or pick an elegant arch shape with cream fabric and gold button accents to create a look that’s reminiscent of a fairy-tale castle.

Unique Wall Shelving

Statement Furniture Wall Shelving by Boca do Lobo
Shelving by Boca Do Lobo

Wall shelving can be an opportunity to spice your room’s design while also creating a new place to store books, art and knick-knacks. For shelves that are both practical and artful, look for unique statement furniture designs made of materials like raw wood or metal. Wow guests with stacks of books that levitate on their own by disguising a floating shelf inside a book cover. Or create an urban aesthetic with a show-stopping fire escape shelf, complete with three “floors” to hold photos and plants.

Making a Statement With Dramatic Furniture

If you want to boast your style without saying a word, choose a dramatic piece of furniture that will make a statement for you. An over-sized chandelier in the entryway can inspire guests as soon as they walk in the door. Upholstered couches will provide a comfy place to sit while guests admire your bold style. And luxurious headboards will lull you to sleep as your dream of chaise lounges and settees.

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