Trending: 5 Rich Textures in Interior Design

The look and feel of a space aren’t one and the same. Textures in interior design help to fulfill the purpose of a room, transforming it from a visual space to one that makes all the senses pop. Texture isn’t only tactile. It’s also visible, affecting the tone and weight of a room. 

Where color is often influential on how warm or cool an area feels, texture is a big factor as well — whether it’s a velvet couch, a woolen blanket or another eye-catching item. There’s a reason lavish textures are taking interior design by storm.

Which textures will draw the eye and delight the senses? How should you approach this important element of interior design? Here are five rich textures that are currently trending in interior design.

1. Velvet

Rich Textures: Velvet

The perception of velvet has changed dramatically in recent years. Velvet furnishings were once considered old-fashioned, even stuffy, but the material has taken on new significance in 2019 as the world’s leading designers gravitate toward it. A velvet sofa is no longer something to feel embarrassed about, but something to embrace. 

Rich Textures: velvet sofa
Kelly Sofa by KOKET

A little restraint is important, of course. Velvet has a powerful effect on a room, and you’ll need to use it sparingly if you’re going to get the most from this particular texture. However, you can still enjoy the smooth, subtle luster of velvet by incorporating it into select areas of your home. 

2. Marble

Rich Textures: marble
Avalanche Table by KOKET

Marble is among the most popular materials for kitchen countertops. Its crystalline, sugary appearance is all at once sophisticated and accessible, a perfect complement to a diverse variety of design choices. Regardless of your aesthetic, you can almost always find a shade of marble to match your kitchen’s interior

Rich Textures: marble kitchen

That’s not to say you can choose any color you’d like. If you’re going to coordinate your kitchen successfully, you’ll need to accommodate the special properties and texture of marble. Simple colors are often best, something that will emphasize the luxury of the stone in a soft, understated way.

3. Copper

In a departure from the rose gold obsession of 2018, copper accents have taken center stage. Their red and orange tones are warm and work well with wood and other natural materials. Even if you’re not planning on a rustic aesthetic, copper has clear appeal in a modern setting.

Rich Textures: copper

For example, a white, minimalist kitchen may benefit from copper hardware, light fixtures and even furniture. When you set the metal against a plain background, integrate geometric shapes and experiment with the material, you’ll see why it’s one of the top home design trends of 2019. 

4. Agate 

The misuse of wallpaper has given it something of a bad reputation in the interior design community. Even so, wallpaper has significant potential for courageous homeowners looking to make a splash. If you count yourself among them, you should give thought to agate wallpaper for a future remodel. 

Rich Textures: Agate

Agate wallpaper is the culmination of the bold and natural trends we’ve seen since the start of 2019, like velvet and copper. With agate, you’ll enjoy the natural, uninformed lines of a gemstone with a bright pop of blue, purple, pink or similar hue. It’s a bold choice, but an effective one. 

5. Iridescence

Rich Textures: Irdescence
Feather Wallpaper by KOKET

You may not associate iridescence with interior design, and you have no reason to. It’s an intense effect, like the purple-blue gradation on seashells and butterfly wings. Though it’s beautiful in nature, it doesn’t seem like it would fit well within a living room or bedroom of the average home.

Despite this strange dissonance, iridescent finishes are everywhere. They’re gaining traction in home decor as one of the smaller trends to watch for, appealing for their glamorous look and semblance to natural pearls. Not too high-shine and not too distracting, iridescent decor makes an excellent addition in the right space. 

Rich Textures Are Trending in Interior Design

Combining your color scheme with complementary textures can bring a sense of completion to a room. Whether you incorporate velvet, marble, copper, agate or iridescence, these rich materials will feel luxurious and fresh. With that in mind, evaluate your options and start planning your next project today.

Rich Textures

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