Luxurious Gifts to Shine on Every Occasion

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Luxuries are what we want, but not what we need, and this is what makes them so special. Luxury includes superb customer care as well as exquisite products made with exquisite attention to detail that can be enjoyed for years to come. Luxuries are what put a shine on every occasion and make a loved one feel truly special.

If you are celebrating the anniversary of your wedding, or your birth, a piece of luxe jewelry to start or add to their collection, will show how proud you are to have them in your life. Some of the luxurious gifts suggested fit with the traditional and modern anniversary gifts by year that have become well known over the decades, acting as inspiration if you are not quite sure what gift to present this year.

Here are 7 ideas for luxurious gifts that are sure to shine on every occasion!


Young woman enjoying the therapeutic effects of a traditional hot stone massage at luxury spa and wellness center - luxurious gifts for every occasion
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Luxury spa breaks for couples, and luxury spa hotels where you can take your friends to celebrate special occasions are always a treat, whether you choose a country manor with a bespoke spa experience or a contemporary hotel spa with the highest standards. Setting aside time to indulge in radiance-restoring beauty treatments and time to relax is important. If it is not possible to travel to a spa or salon, a luxury spa is possible in the comfort of your own home by following spa rules of no technology, dimmed lights and a beautifully-scented candle and lavender whilst you bathe.

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Jewelry by Ann Ong
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An elegant and timeless piece of luxury jewelry is a present that can be worn on many occasions over many years. To guarantee your choice of jewelry stands the test of time, something that includes the ever-classic diamond is always a good choice. A boxed set of earrings and a matching necklace makes a superb choice when it comes to shopping for luxurious gifts.


Pommery Cuvée Louise Brut Millesime, 2004 - luxurious gifts for every occasion

Special occasions often include a toast to the guest of honor. Choose a bottle of prestige champagne from Champagne growers who have worked the land in the region for generations. In 2019, the Pommery Cuvée Louise Brut Millesime, 2004 is one of the best Champagnes to buy and is named after the house founder’s widow, Louise. The grapes come from three grand cru vineyards, providing a fresh-drinking Champagne dominated by green fruit and citrus flavors.

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Crocodile Candle by L'Objet - luxurious gifts for every occasion
Crocodile Candle by L’Objet

A perfect olfactory nirvana can be recreated each time you light a scented candle. Perfumed candles can take you to an enchanted dreamland just by filling your room with a fragrance to evoke a warm, cozy, uniquely memorable experience. Luxury candles also have a precise blend of the highest quality soy and vegetable waxes helps to house the fragrance blend and allows the scent to burn beautifully.


 Diptyque Essences Insensees Eau de Parfum - luxurious gifts for every occasion
Diptyque Essences Insensees Eau de Parfum

Create a bespoke perfume that your loved one will adore. You can make this a unisex fragrance that you can share, or a scent suited for day or night.  You can focus on a perfume they can wear just for loving or for sport, socializing or work.  Be creative with a range of smells including flowers, fruits, the ocean, spices (including incense), food (like chocolate and vanilla) and more earthy animal smells like leather, musk, and patchouli. Use their favorite fragrance as a basis on which add your twist.

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black crystal lalique vases - luxurious gifts for every occasion
Black Crystal Vases by Lalique

For more than 130 years, Lalique has been the ultimate symbol of French luxury, thanks to the creative genius of founder René Lalique and those who have followed. Choose from a broad range of luxurious decorative objects, with a special in 2019 being a limited-edition hand-crafted decanter containing The Macallan 72-year-old single malt. There are other stunning items sculpted from clear as well as colored crystal that can be added to over the years.


beautiful elegant cashmere scarf - luxurious gifts for every occasion
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When it comes to luxurious gifts, cashmere adds a luxurious shine to every outfit. Whatever the occasion and there are a wide range of cashmere clothes that combine easily with other pieces. Cashmere is not heavy or dense, but it provides warmth when the weather is cool, including summer evenings. Several luxury brands have cashmere products following the highest European cashmere production standards. Not only will your gift last for years, but most brands also follow an eco-friendly approach and social conscience in the production of their scarves, wraps, cardigans, and sweaters.

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