Inside a Dramatic Luxury Interior by Celia Sawyer

main reception room luxury interior by celia sawyer

When it comes to creating a luxury interior Celia Sawyer Interior Architecture & Design is one of London’s top firms to know! And this stunning reception area designed by founder & CEO Celia Sawyer perfectly exemplifies the firm’s ground-breaking talent for turning dreams into practical day-to-day reality.

Celia Sawyer Interior Architecture & Design

Founded over 20 years ago, Celia Sawyer provides both private and commercial clients with bespoke luxury interior designs. The firm follows a clear mission “to interpret our partners’ ideas, ambitions, and requirements with flair, passion, innovation, and excitement, executing and delivering projects with diligent attention to detail and timely professional execution”.

A Dramatic Luxury Interior

luxury interior by celia sawyer

When asked to design this space the client requested “a very dramatic statement main reception area, with a slightly masculine feel, but with softened areas so that it didn’t look too hard and austere”. So in order to accomplish this look, Celia used lots of gold accessories and textures to soften things up. The end result – a striking luxury interior!

detail of accessories on a mirror coffee table in a luxury interior by celia sawyer


In the entrance into the main reception, mirror framed lightboxes show off the client’s crystal. Further to contrast the dark reception walls and floors, mirror strips create a screen-like area around the piano which reflects the outside. In addition, mirror stips add interest to the back wall of the room.

mirrored walls around a grand piano in a luxury interior by celia sawyer
Deliciosa Chairs by KOKET upholstered in a metallic animal print linen fabric in a luxury interior by celia sawyer
Deliciosa Chairs by KOKET upholstered in a metallic animal print linen fabric.

The Finer Things: Adding a Layer of Luxury to Your Home Interior


Lighting played a key role in creating drama in the space. The room’s intensity and blackness called for eye-catching focal point lighting. “Lighting was so important that it really needed to ooze luxury and glamour. The chandeliers and wall lights were our “star” pieces, works of art in themselves,” explained Celia.

black and gold luxury interior living room area by celia sawyer

And in order to even further magnify the drama of the lighting, Celia chose to mirror the ceiling above the piano “so that the chandelier would reflect into it creating pools of drama and light.”

interior design featuring a gold skeleton statue by stephen cawston
A mirrored ceiling above the piano reflects the chandelier creating pools of drama and light.


24k gold skeleton statue of an arabian man on a horse with a bird of prey on his shoulder by stephen cawston
Real skeletons of an Arab gentleman, an Arabian horse and a bird of prey are covered in 24K gold in this statue called “Shahin” by Stephen Cawston

A now defining element of the space, the intriguing golden skeleton statue was not a sure thing from the start. The client wanted to see how this masterpiece called “Shahin” by Stephen Cawston would sit in the space before purchasing. So, the artist agreed to loan the statue for the project photoshoot. Composed of real skeletons of a gentleman, horse, and bird of prey covered in 24K-gold, it was a perfect fit! And “the client couldn’t agree more,” noted Celia.

lapiaz sideboard by boca do lobo
Lapiaz Sideboard by Boca do Lobo

The endless details and glamour of this luxury interior by Celia Sawyer is truly a masterpiece! Enjoy!

Words by Anna Bimba