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london projects basement pool prime construction design

At Love Happens we love talented design teams – making the world a more beautiful place! So when we heard about London Projects super prime construction team we had to share!

Who Is London Projects?

London Projects is a London-based unique and highly acclaimed construction company. Founded in 2005, by Nick Stuttard and Steve Howat, it has quickly become the refurbishment destination for London’s most respectable residences. Nick and Steve were former colleagues at one of London’s top luxury residential developers. Following this journey, they decided to dedicate themselves and their employees to quality. This decision has been what grew their company and gave them such a strong reputation in London’s super prime construction industry.

Nick Stuttard and Steve Howat
Nick Stuttard and Steve Howat, London Projects Co-Founders

London Projects works with clients in the most luxurious areas of London, including Belgravia, Knightsbridge, and Mayfair. They have also worked on the grandest of estates including Cadogan, The Crown, and Grosvenor. The company has a portfolio including over 200 projects, all in the most premier locations. And with offices right in Westminster, someone can be available on-site within 30 minutes. Allowing them to be extremely collaborative, accessible and hands-on with their clientele.

London Projects’ Super Prime Construction Process

surrey hills interior / exterior pool design by london projects

London Projects dedicates its company to the entire process of the refurbishment. In the first phase of the project, they appoint a quantity surveyor and project manager. This allows the entire process to move seamlessly. And to maintain their quality of work. Then, they choose from their extremely wide variety of plumbers and electricians to complete any internal refurbishment. Once on-site, they will always have a team of skilled tradespeople paired with a highly educated site manager to guide the project. This continues the hands-on mentality and leads to quality and consistent work. London Projects also has a team called “Aftercare” for any transitional issues in the new space.

A Stunning Recent Project

One of London Projects’ recent designs is located on Chapel Street in Belgravia. The five-story townhouse needed extreme structural renovations and London Projects worked wonders!

london projects chapel street dining room interior design

Two-Stories Underground

London Projects extended the home two stories below the ground to create a luxurious spa suite. The suite included a full-length pool, gym, movie theatre, and wine cellar.

prime construction basement design with theater and wine cellar

A Striking Exterior

A large glass extension at the rear of the house extends down to the basement level creating a stunning exterior design. It includes a glazed ceiling which gives an open-air feel to the back of the house. It also extends to a basement lightwell to provide natural light to the lowest part of the home. The framework for this glazed structure is called a “sky frame”. Used to maximize light and made from powder-coated aluminum. The install of this sky frame was highly complex because there is no access to the rear of the building. The construction and renovation of this element required road closure around the site and a crane to put each glazed panel over the house.

prime construction refurbishment sky frame

The garden has a water feature at the rear with a faux green wall. The garden also has a lightwell to provide natural light to the basement pool and theatre.


London Projects undertook a top-down, bottom-up construction process. The interior finish and style are traditional. It has a lot of wall paneling, including the master bathroom, which has marble paneling.

master bathroom design by london projects

The ground floor entryway creates an optical illusion with the black and brown marble. The staircase remained the same, as a stone cantilever with a wrought iron upright balustrade which underwent a careful refurbishment.

luxury living room design with blue sofas and gold lighting

Additionally, the property’s original lift was extended to the basement, to reach all levels of the home.

gold lift doors in a private residence office in london
floor screen with brass butterflies by koket

What’s Trending in Prime Construction According to London Projects’ Founders?

When you spend 365/24/7 in the prime construction industry you are for sure an expert in the field! So we asked London Projects’ co-founders, Nick Stuttard and Steve Howat, to share their insight on current design trends for refurbishment projects. And here is what they had to say.

Fitness at Home

Home fitness facilities have grown dramatically in recent years. Owners now want to create a social fitness location in their homes. Techniques of bringing the outdoors indoors, use of natural light, and inclusive spaces create a group atmosphere clients are looking for.

fitness at home trend - prime construction renovation by london projects
Self-care is essential making the home gym a key feature in many renovations & new builds.


Ensuring natural light is reached in nearly every aspect of the property is key. Roof lights, glazed boxes and roof lanterns are in high demand. It requires a high skill level to design and execute large panels of glazing into previously designed homes. A current observed trend is the use of glazing with low iron content. This creates glazing with the highest clarity and allows the most natural light through. Finally, lightwells over basement pools are trending.

tregunter underground pool with rooflights and stone walls
Adding a lightwell over a basement pool is a great way to bring natural light into an otherwise naturally dim space.

Love Happens at the Four Seasons Spa London Park Lane

Curved Staircase

Curved staircases are entering higher demand. The staircases become a focal point for the space, as well as creating a lot of visual interest. Curved staircases can lead to many project challenges, but when designed properly, they can create a perfect space.

curved staircase trend
Curved staircases are never endingly glamorous!

Human-Centric Lighting

Human-centric lighting enhances vision, performance and well being in the home or workplace. It controls the levels of blue light we experience throughout the day. Human-centric lighting has improved well being and productivity. It is no surprise these technological advancements are transitioning into homes.

human-centric lighting in a marble bathroom with a plunge pool
Human-centric lighting makes a world of difference in the bathroom

And a Few More Lh Favorites from London Projects Portfolio for Your Viewing Pleasure!

foyer design with dark walls, grandfather clock and marble floors
Traditional meets modern in this Albury, London home’s entryway
luxury living room design with purple, violet and cream color palette
Serene and luxurious, this living room in Surrey Hills is chic to the nines!
cadogan place entry prime construction refurbishment by london projects
Refurbishment magic in this Cadogan Place Entryway
cadogan place courtyard with green wall prime construction refurbishment by london projects
Living green wall love!
one hyde park luxury living room design in cream and gray with orange accents
A luxury living room design in One Hyde Park, London
london projects prime construction refurbishment hallway design with art deco inspiration
Art deco inspired this beautifully refurbished hallway.
hanover terrace luxury bathroom design with silver bathtub and marble paneling
A perfectly fresh master bath featuring a silver tub and striking marble paneling in a Hanover Terrace residence.
contemporary in-home movie theater in london with gray quilted walls and upholstery and red and yellow accents
A fun home theater design in a Hanover Terrace residence.

Words by Samantha Baird

All Photos Courtesy of London Projects

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