To Hire A Hot Nanny or Not, That Is The Question

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Whoa Mama! Let’s face it, there’s a lot of science and social media out there pointing their finger at you combined with a death glare that basically warns you and your man Don’t even go there if you dare when referring to hiring a hot nanny. It’s also clear that after a solid Google search, the masses are mostly adhering to the yellow CAUTION tape as fair warning to avoid the nanny that looks like the cover of a Beautiful People’s Issue and smells like freshly baked cookies on Sunday morning.

Is Hiring a Hot Nanny Really Temptation Island?

The hot nanny and Hollywood mindset are that inviting any young and attractive female into your household is Temptation Island for your man’s pants. Yes, we’re going there.

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Remember hot nanny Alice Eve in Sex and the City 2?

The fear is sincere in that the hot nanny help could entice and entertain your man more than she would the kids. First things first, hiring the right nanny who is supportive and nourishing is priority #1 but believing and generalizing that all nanny hotties want to get their home-wrecking hands on your hubby’s dad bod seems quite judgmental, and tbh your kids don’t need that kind of negativity in their lives.

Collaborate Don’t Compete

strong women dont have attitudes they have standards & boundries - women empowerment quotes

The sexist and regressive thought process to eliminate a hot nanny based on her attractive looks and the reasoning that these caregiving hotties can’t be trusted to do their jobs is so 500 years ago. These days, women are collaborating more than competing. Fighting for workplace equality is not just a thing in corporate America, and extending that same energy into In-Home Caregivers (Hot or not), should be applied far beyond fair treatment within the walls of Wall Street.

Why Women Empowerment Is a Thing

A Hot Nanny Handbook Concept

When it comes down to the inclination that hot nannies need not apply, don’t nix her because you or your man have issues and think she’s an automatic threat to your household. What if you checked yourselves first and did the inner work it may take to confront insecurities, fears and doubts as well as resisted the notion that boys will be boys, (simple-minded, slaves to impulse) be held accountable for their actions, boundaries, and self-control. Perhaps the hot nanny controversy wouldn’t be such a war, but a self-work reconstruction, where everybody (even the kids) wins.

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The Conclusion

Hire a nanny who you’re comfortable with but perhaps being comfortable with yourself and your husband before beginning the hot nanny hiring process, might be good for starters.

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