6 Tips on Creating a Bold Living Room Design

koket bold living room design

2019 is the year for making bold choices when it comes to your home design. From bold colors to artisanal decor, patterns, shapes, and textures, and one-of-a-kind home design accessories, this article gives you some great tips to pull off a bold living room design that matches your taste and budget.

Start with Bold Hues

The living room is one of the parts of a home that usually features safe color choices, from soft whites to dove greys, beige, and light blue. However, this year, it’s all about bold color choices

Whether your home is traditional, contemporary, or ultra-modern, the following combinations of bold colors can give your living room a beautiful twist:

Charcoal Grey and Navy Blue

This bold combo feels warm and cozy. It perfectly matches natural wood accents, a green rug, and multihued furniture.

bold living room interior design with navy blue and charcoal by lori morris
Interior Design by Lori Morris
Photo by Brandon Barre

Orange, Blue, and Gray

Orange makes any living room come alive while gray neutralizes and blue complements it. This perfect combination of popular bold colors gives way for neutral furniture and grey carpeting to stand out.

Apple Green and Teal 

Green is a popular color choice for living rooms because it’s the color for harmony and renewal. It echoes the hues of the natural world, giving your living room a fresh and relaxing feel. Apple green and teal are modern variations of the much-beloved color green. 

Bold living room interior design featuring a teal sofa by Ramzy Alaa
Bold living room design featuring a teal sofa by Ramzy Alaa

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Mix and Match Patterns

bold living room interior design by lori morris
Interior design by Lori Morris
Photo by Brandon Barre

When tastefully selected and paired, different patterns can make your bold living room even more interesting. Follow these tips when mixing and matching patterns:

  • Seek out unique styles like black-and-white geometric curtains an accent wall.
  • Use cold neutrals as the foundation for eclectic patterns.
  • Create a bohemian-inspired living room furnished with patterned upholstery and accents.
  • Distribute patterns evenly in your room.
  • Use at least three patterns.
  • Don’t place too many patterns on top of each other. It disrupts harmony.

Play with Shapes and Sizes

Selecting pieces belonging to the same size and shape can make your living room look a bit clinical and boring. So make sure it features a range of shapes and sizes. Play with textures and materials as well. Adding distinguishing textures and fabrics is a great way to achieve a bold and striking living room.

bold furniture by koket

Carefully Choose Your Home Accessories

Just as you want to go bold with the colors and patterns, you want to go bold with your home decor choice as well. A bold artwork or accessory will surely stand out when placed on a neutral palette of whites or blacks. But be sure to balance bold decor with neutrals in your furnishings and living room finishes.

bold design by koket

Check out these ideas for choosing bold home interior design accessories:

A Floor-to-Ceiling Gallery Wall

 Pull together a collection of art photos (you can find cheap ones from vintage and thrift stores).

Acrylic Furniture

With the look of a glass and durability of stainless steel, acrylic furniture features strength and beauty.

Artisanal Pieces

Handcrafted items can add personality to your home. 

Decorative Cushions 

They inject new life into your home. Choose colors that complement your artwork, furniture pieces or accessories. For a traditional look, stick to an even number of cushions. For a modern or eclectic interior, go for odd numbers.

Think Bold and Subdued

You don’t have to go all out with a bold living room. Some of the best home interiors are those that sit between bold and subdued. For example, you can mix traditional styled decor with trendy bold colors. 

mixing traditional and contemporary styles by kris turnbull
Living room interior design by Kris Turnbull

Stick with a Theme

Bold doesn’t mean chaotic. If you wish to decorate with a ton of colors, choose artwork and patterns that work well together. While you can’t always stick to the pieces made by one artist, you can create cohesion and harmony in your living room by choosing pieces that feature similar colors, shapes, and motifs. 

blue and gold interior design by Katharine Pooley
Interior design by Katharine Pooley

Wrapping It Up

Bold living rooms are the trend these days. And luckily, it is easy to pull off this interior design concept. Start by choosing bold colors. Consider mixing and matching patterns, playing with shapes and sizes, adding distinctive home accessories, and sticking to a theme. You also want to instill harmony in your living room design by going after bold and subdued elements. 

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