Tabletop Decor Ideas: New Tableware Collection by Carolina Herrera and Cabana

Are you looking for some tabletop decor ideas? This is for you! Martina Mondadori Sartogo, founder of Cabana Magazine, and Wes Gordon, creative director of Carolina Herrera launched a new tabletop collection. And the best part? Just in time for Thanksgiving. These two brands have sophistication and eclectic aesthetics. And both share a remarkable synergy and the love for artisanal things.

The goal of this collaboration was to create a suite of ceramics, glassware and table linens. Cabana Magazine is known for its bright color and fabric obsessions. And Carolina Herrera’s creative director is famous for vivid color pallets, so the result was, of course, something very vivacious and colorful.

The collection is a beautiful marriage inspired by international travel and is available through Cabana’s website and Carolina Herrerra boutiques in New York, Los Angells, Dallas and the UK.

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Carolina Herrera x Cabana: The Tabletop Collection

Details of Carolina Square Line Tablecloth - carolina herrera x cabana
Details of Carolina Square Line Tablecloth
Photo via Cabana Magazine

First up a vibrant tablecloth featuring a dazzling display of floral and geometric patterns. The border is defined by a pattern of interlocking chains and ornamented with festive tassels in blue and orange.

Tabletop Decor Ideas:  Josefina Dinner Plate - carolina herrera x cabana
Josefina Dinner Plate with Gold Rim
Photo via Cabana Magazine

The inspiration for the floral patterns is traditional Iznik designs from Turkey, which have been hand-painted on plates with gold rims. The main pattern for the table linens takes its inspiration from vintage Egyptian cloth.

napkin from carolina herrera x cabana collaboration
Carolina Linen Napkins, set of four
Photo via Cabana Magazine

These napkins are perfect for any holiday table. A bold floral pattern in blue, green and yellow glow with the festive spirit! The border, like the tablecloth, is also a chain motif, honoring Egypt’s traditional craft heritage of Khayamiya. Impressive tents and vibrant textiles use this decorative hand-appliquê technique.

Tabletop Decor Ideas: Jackie Water Tumbler - carolina herrera x cabana
Jackie Water Tumbler
Photo via Cabana Magazine

The glasses and tumblers are embellishments in electric shades of yellow, orange and gold. The Jackie Water Tumbler is hand-crafted on the island of Murano, the legendary home of Venetian glassmaking. Each exclusive piece of glassware showcases Carolina Herrera’s love for vibrant patterns and timeless elegance.

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Tabletop Decor Ideas - Cristina Espresso - carolina herrera x cabana
Cristina Espresso, set of four
Photo via Cabana Magazine

The soft pastels and rustic detailing of the coffee set below come from inspiration in the Middle East and South America. Decorated with white and blue stripes, each cup features a stylishly ornate handle.

The result of this collection is both a sophisticated and fun tablespace where you can enjoy some time with your family and friends.

Words by Rita Archer

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