Words of Encouragement: Plan Your Mind

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It’s 6 am, you’ve just poured freshly brewed coffee into your favorite heat-insulated thermos. You get in your car and realize you forgot your phone, so you haul butt and fly up your stairs, turn the corner, and find it laying snuggled up under your pillow. It’s time to take that 45-minute drive into the city that should only take 20 minutes, but construction and traffic always serve for a longer commute.

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It’s just another Tuesday morning with you and your rambling thoughts. It could be relationship issues, boss problems, health concerns, kid’s schooling or all of the above. But by the end of your mental session, you arrive to work disengaged, confused, mentally drained and exhausted. Let’s rewind!

Words of Encouragement: Plan Your Mind

Most of us plan our day by picking out our outfit the night before. We might pack ourselves lunch, style our hair and might even be able to catch a bite in the morning. But we don’t think to plan our minds. This doesn’t require hours of meditation or reciting the dos and don’ts in your favorite self-help book. It’s actually really simple.

Be conscious of your thoughts.

Most of us don’t consider what we are thinking about. We just allow our minds to be an open highway with no checkpoints.

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Plan your concerns.

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If you are rotating potential issues within your mind repeatedly, its time to write those things down so that you can think through these issues and apply logical solutions

Be okay with imperfection.

We tend to quickly focus on the negative things in our life that need to be fixed, but sometimes these things can overshadow all of the lovely things that occur.

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Make sure your thoughts are balanced and that you leave room to examine all of the wonderful things that make you who you are!

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