Discover A Treasure Trove of Innovative Materials With Fameed Khalique

Fameed Khalique in his London Showroom Chelsea

An Exclusive Lh Interview with Fameed Khalique — Innovative Materials Magician!

The first time I gazed upon the samples within Fameed Khalique’s collection of luxury materials, it quite literally took my breath away. The intricacy and beauty of the samples are otherworldly, reflecting one’s dreams and imaginations in swirls of colors and luminous materials.

Meet Fameed Khalique

To provide the most bare-bones explanation of Fameed Khalique, he has made a successful career by amassing knowledge in luxury materials and distributing beautiful scarves and cushions through his lifestyle brand Khalique. Working with elite interior designers and architects, Fameed shares his expertise to help creative minds find the perfect surfaces and materials for their projects. In a world filled with an abundance of textures and materials, it is easy to get overwhelmed.

Metallic surfaces from Fameed Khalique including an eco-friendly flooring called Alumalux made from recycled aluminum
Metallic surfaces from Fameed Khalique. The floor is a stunning eco-friendly product Fameed recently started carrying called Alumalux and made from recycled aluminum.

I like to think of Fameed as a mysterious figure in a magical realism novel. In an otherwise plain world, Fameed stands out. With a vast array of knowledge, he is like the mystic that the protagonist must consult for guidance before continuing on their journey. There is a magical quality to his work, in the way he is able to perfectly select what the client needs before he or she even knew they wanted it. Maybe it’s not magical realism, maybe it’s magical Fameedism. Whatever it is, he’ll know exactly how to help.

marble tiling with metal detail
Marble with Metal

A Natural Instinct for Finding Treasurable Innovative Materials

Fameed has a gift for spotting unique materials, along with the vision to come up with innovative ways to use them. Throughout the years he has amassed an extraordinary collection of luxury fabrics and finishes through his showroom in London’s Chelsea Furniture & Arts Building. However, his services do not end there. Not only does he showcase breathtaking products in his showroom, but Fameed also provides a sourcing service to help his clients track down elusive products.

metallic embroidered fabrics by fameed khalique
(R – L) Copper Mesh Embroidered With Crystals, Bespoke Embroidered Fur; Bespoke Embroidery
zebra marble in random pattern
Zebra Marble in Random Pattern
innovative materials by fameed khalique
(R – L) White Nappa Leather; Eglomise Art Deco, Etched Star in Bronze; Semi-Precious Stone

Certainly having an eye for what is beautiful, I asked him how he honed this ability. He answered, “I like to offer designers the impossible, so I strive to search for the most beautiful materials and the most intricate techniques on the market, whether it’s precious stones, wood veneer wallcoverings, hand-embroidered raffia or something else. It’s a visceral reaction… I feel I know when I find something special.”

bronze cut leather textile
A bronze cut leather, one of the many innovative materials offered by Fameed Khalique

A visceral response, an instinctive reaction, Fameed is gifted with an innate ability to find the most beautiful things this world offers. He welcomes the challenge of finding the perfect materials for his clients, and he finds joy in the process, loving the way designers’ faces light up when he introduces them to something new.

art deco inlaid wood flooring and leather fretwork panel by fameed khalique
Art Deco Inlaid Wood Flooring and Leather Fretwork Panel

Luxurious Materials Everywhere

printed glass green agate
Printed Glass Green Agate

Working with “artisans and design studios from all over the world,” Fameed has gained experience in a diverse range of projects. Having worked “from residential to hospitality, aviation and marine, and everything in between,” there is no project that he cannot find a surface for.

As Fameed’s skills are sought after by leading design studios worldwide, “if you are sitting on leather in a top London restaurant, holidaying on a luxury yacht, or staying in a beautiful hotel, you may well have enjoyed one of our surfaces,” he says.

Finding Inspiration

While he has the ability to find inspiration anywhere, whether it is “a detail on a ladies handbag, or architectural structures, or artisanal craft,” the beauty and glamour of the Art Deco period is a particular source of inspiration for him. “The sense of glamour and luxury the period created can certainly be found in our collections,” he says.

beaded embroidery by fameed khalique

Consider The Great Gatsby, a novel epitomizing the beauty and glamour of the Art Deco period. I imagine Fameed’s mind is organized like that – an extravagant, yet elegant affair. As we move on from this decade and onto the next, will the Roaring Twenties come again? Surely Fameed’s intricate samples will be needed.

A  Treasure Trove of Innovative Materials: The London Showroom of Fameed Khalique

I asked Fameed what he considers to be the biggest accomplishment in his career so far. In response, he told us about the “sense of pride walking into the showroom and seeing the unique collection of surfaces we have sourced, and in particular, the look on designers’ faces when they find the perfect solution – that gives me a sense of accomplishment, time and time again.”

fameed khalique in his london showroom filled with innovative materials
Fameed Khalique in his showroom in London’s Chelsea Furniture & Arts Building

The magic unfolds in Fameed’s London showroom, and the way he describes it is nothing short of poetic. “It’s a treasure trove and a library, brimming with thousands of surfaces and finishes on every wall and inside every drawer; it’s a place of discovery.” It is designed to be a space for his clients to wander, gaining inspiration and forming ideas surrounded by the beauty of the room.

Innovative Art: Atelier du Renard

Khalique, The Lifestyle Brand

In addition to sourcing unique and innovative materials from around the world, Fameed also began a lifestyle brand called Khalique. Doing so has been a dream of his for some time. While he had such an incredible collection of surfaces, he wanted to make them more accessible to a wider audience.

luxury cushions in innovative materials
Luxury Cushions by Khalique
(R – L) Josephine Hand Embroidered Sequin Silk Cushion; Folles Hand Embroidered Sequin Cushion; Hildreth Silk Cushion

“With my love of fashion, it felt like a natural development to transition into retail and specifically into home accessories and fashion goods.” His cushions and scarves are designed to feel timeless, incorporating materials such as “embellished silk, sumptuous hand embroideries, woven leathers, bonded suede and cashmere,” and skilled craftsmanship.

luxury scarves made from innovative materials by khalique
Luxury Scarves by Khalique
(R – L) Bonded Suede & Cashmere Mesh; Nappa Leather with Hemstitch Detail; Woven Nappa Leather & Wool with Fringe

Having had the courage to start his own company, overtime Fameed Khalique has grown to own “the largest selection of luxury surfaces all under one roof, in the world” with his Chelsea showroom. He has successfully branched out from helping designers source material, effortlessly expanding his brand into home goods and retail. Fameed is an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere and a must-know for anyone looking for material treasures!

Words by Hojung Lee

All Photos Courtesy of Fameed Khalique