Inside the Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse & Other Airbnb Dreamhouses

barbie malibu dreamhouse

Earlier this month booking site Airbnb featured a Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse available for one booking for a four-night stay. A true childhood fantasy come to life! The glamorous Barbie Dreamhouse Experience was created in celebration of the iconic brand’s 60th anniversary. And although it booked instantly, if you are looking for a dreamhouse gettaway Airbnb has tons of other options worth exploring! And before you start your unforgettable adventure, you can learn even more about this company with these Airbnb facts.

The Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse

Even if the opportunity to stay at the Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse has passed, this full-size themed mansion on California’s southern coast is so worth exploring!

exterior of barbie malibu dreamhouse airbnb

The home features an infinity pool, water slide, open-air meditation room, movie theater, basketball court and stunning views of the Pacific. And the decor is all about Barbie! Chic, modern and pink everywhere.

barbie malibu dreamhouse airbnb balcony deck
barbie malibu dreamhouse airbnb office
barbie malibu dreamhouse airbnb kitchen
embrace cocktail table koket
barbie malibu dreamhouse airbnb bedroom
barbie malibu dreamhouse airbnb closet
barbie malibu dreamhouse airbnb infinity pool
poolside at the barbie malibu dreamhouse airbnb
moive theater at the barbie malibu dreamhouse
exterior of the barbie malibu dreamhouse airbnb

Meet the Barbie Role Models: Barbie’s 60th Anniversary Line

The Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse Experience

So even though this is now just a purely dream-based experience, the details are too fun not to share.

deck at the barbie malibu dreamhouse airbnb

The lucky guests, who will be staying at the home from Oct. 27th – 29th, 2019 will have the opportunity to take part in some of Barbie’s favorite hobbies led by empowering women just like her. Fencing pro Ibtihaj Muhammad will be on hand for private lessons; Jill Meyers, an aerospace engineer, will offer in-depth tours of the Columbia Memorial Space Center; and local chef Gina Clarke-Helm will be available to teach you how to cook with California’s farm-to-table fare.

bathroom at the barbie malibu dreamhouse airbnb

And of course, in true Barbie style, a beauty makeover is a must! Thus the Barbie Dreamhouse Airbnb Experience guests will also have the opportunity to get pretty with hairstylist-to-the-stars Jen Atkin and a team of stylists from Mane Addicts Creator Collective.

Other Airbnb Dreamhouse Experiences

While you may be wishing you could stay in the Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse, perhaps one of Airbnb’s other dreamhouses or new experiences may satisfy you instead?

Spend the Night on the Goodyear Blimp

Mogadore, OH, USA

goodyear blimp experience airbnb
goodyear blimp experience airbnb
goodyear blimp experience airbnb

An Underground Hygge

Orondo, WA, USA

underground hygge house airbnb
underground hygge house airbnb

Incorporating Hygge Into Your Home

The World Famous Seashell House ~ Casa Caracol

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

seashell house casa caracol isla mujeres mexico airbnb

Pirates of the Caribbean Getaway

Topanga Canyon, USA

pirates of the Caribbean getaway airbnb

Glamp Under the Northern Lights

Lulea, Sweden

glamp under the northern lights airbnb experiences

Balian Treehouse

Balian Beach, Bali

balian treehouse airbnb
balian treehouse airbnb

Luxury Yachts

If you are a water lover than Airbnb’s boat section is well worth a visit! From beautiful catamaran’s like the Angelique II Expedition located in the Belize Barrier Reef (below) to vintage sailboats and true houseboats, the options are vast!

Angelique II Expedition located in the Belize Barrier Reef via Airbnb
Angelique II Expedition located in the Belize Barrier Reef

Words by Anna Beck Bimba

All Images via Airbnb

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