Stop Not Practicing Sustainable Shopping: Luxury x Mother Earth

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Making An Impact And Minding Your Green Business

So you think you can’t be both a luxurious living and eco-conscious green goddess huh? Just stop. Please. Finding the balance in trying to live an eco-friendly and luxurious lifestyle is absolutely attainable and if you think eco-consciousness and luxury can’t coexist, well think again and kindly keep reading for the ultimate guide to sustainable shopping!

Power To The Planet With Purchase Power 

Channeling your purchase power by shopping for sustainable luxury goods is really where you might do the least harm to the planet and your Stella McCartney (leather-free) purse. Initially, one might think being eco-conscious is disruptive to your day to day but lest we say think again. You can absolutely develop habits to go green. You just have to be a little savvy and shop around.

Stella McCartney at Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2019/2020 - sustainable shopping
Stella McCartney at Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2019/2020
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WWMED – What Would Mother Earth Do?

Ask questions and do your research. Is it packaged in a million layers of plastic or an eco-friendly compostable box? How about the materials it is made from? Are they filled with chemicals or could they go back into the earth seamlessly? Where did it come from? Did it have to travel across the country on a giant gas eating pollution pumping truck? What resources will it consume? Is it an energy-sucking machine? Will it break in a year and end up in a landfill? Or could it be possibly be passed to generations to come? Think before you swipe your card or click buy!

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Going Green With Your Style Routine 

In the world of fashion and beauty, keep things in perspective and seek brands who have proven their sustainability credentials. Luxurious purchases typically have the regular hiccups of excessive waste and guilty pleasures whereas eco-friendly materials need to be made from exceptional materials with a concentration on good quality over quantity. Embrace the fulfillment of making more meaningful and better consumer choices. Check out trusted online sources with sustainable shopping sections on sites like Net-a-Porter and Farfetch. Visit your favorite brands’ websites and see what they have to say about their sustainability practices. Making an environmental impact by building a conscious wardrobe and personal beauty counter means you can look good while also doing good.

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Living The Green Life 

Whether building, buying or staying put, go green at home whenever and however you can. Think about simplifying home construction and making the most of resources, a la local resources provided by nature with eco-friendly production and performance. If you’re going for the zen luxury, villa-style and decor, think green roofs and living walls. Every little bit of green living life counts. If you’re aiming to build a sustainable home, think certifying it to be respectful to the environment i.e. painting without chemicals or putting an end to being an energy vampire and using home energy LED saving lighting or installing solar panels. Beginning with your own home is more than a good way to sit pretty while respecting the environment. 

Bambu Indah, Ubud, Indonesia, Photo by Taylor Simpson / Unsplash
Bambu Indah, Ubud, Indonesia, Photo by Taylor Simpson / Unsplash

Travel In Sustainable Style

Looking for a green friendly luxury car? Check out the Tesla! This California based brand is tackling climate change by accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy with their sexy sleek cars. Not head over heels with the Tesla look? Find yourself a hybrid version of your favorite luxury brand. Buy a used car (yes this counts as an eco-friendly purchase). Or if you are looking for some exercise while you travel consider upgrading your bike for a seriously sustainable mode of local transportation complete with a kickass eco-friendly helmet, of course.

Tesla Model 3 - sustainable car shopping
Tesla Model 3

Be A Vintage And Antique Buying Boss

This responsible and mindful way of indulging your love of coats and couches has sustainability worn all over it. And newsflash, luxury goods are all over the secondary market. With sources like 1stDibs, Chairish, The Chic Selection, Vestiaire Collective, Yoox Vintage, Farfetch, and SO many others the options for stylish (not to mention well-priced) luxury goods are essentially endless. By venturing into vintage you are choosing to reuse and recycle distinctive furnishings and fashions making your home, your personality, and your salvaged sexy life one that also helps the world around you. Win-Win! 

tan calvin klein shoes on white fur rug - sustainable shopping - buying secondary luxury market
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Talk The Sustainability Walk

Now, when you walk the walk and talk the talk of luxury meets sustainability, tell ‘em Mother Earth sent you.

Bottom line, find out where your products actually come from, how they are produced, and happy living your best luxurious, Earth Day every day, eco-conscious and fabulous life. 

man sitting in front of a lake in germany photo by simon migaj
Königssee, Schönau am Königssee, Germany, Photo by Simon Migaj / Unsplash

The environment, and a habitat that is still here for generations to come, thanks you.

Cleaned up my act, gone sustainable shopping and feeling fierce, Won’t Be Back Soon!

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