5 Ways to Achieve a Luxury Boutique Hotel Style Bedroom

lori morris bedroom - house of lmd - boutique hotel style bedroom

The bedrooms of 5-star hotels, with their sumptuous soft furnishings, gentle scents of opulence, and soft lighting are the epitome of luxury, so why wouldn’t you want to create your own luxury boutique hotel style bedroom at home?

Here are some useful tips you should know, to ensure your boudoir looks more Bloomsbury boutique.

1. Monochromatic Color Scheme

Monochromatic doesn’t have to mean just black and white. It can also refer to using tones of a single color, so greys and shades of pale, too.    

boutique hotel style bedroom monochrome by ramzy alaa
Interior Design by Ramzy Alaa

To achieve the luxurious look, schemes should have a neutral palette, think Farrow and Ball’s Elephant’s Breath, with a Dove Tale accent.

Varying hues can be added with accessories such as bedspreads and cushions for the perfect luxury boutique hotel style bedroom!

2. Texture

Adding texture makes a monochromatic scheme appear more interesting. Use opulent fabrics such as silk cushions in a mink color on a velvet chaise lounge, crisp white Egyptian cotton sheets and plush rugs at the foot of the bed to create an impactful and cohesive design.

Bedding by Cloud9 Design

3. The Furniture

Created for The Savoy, Savoir beds are the essence of hotel luxury. The bed is the heart of any bedroom, therefore it’s vital that it oozes glamour and comfort. Another key piece for any 5-star hotel is the bed’s headboard. Often a focal point of the room, it can be ornate or simple depending on whether you’re going with a contemporary or more traditional look and feel.

luxurious boutique hotel style bedroom by koket
Luxurious bedroom furnished by KOKET

Most hotel suites have a seating area, so add somewhere in your room where you can read the newspaper in the morning or unwind at night with a good book. Furnish the corner with a sumptuous armchair in a classic design.

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4. Window Dressing

Often overlooked, the window dressing can not only tie a room together but can be the difference between a good night’s sleep and a great one.

luxurious boutique hotel style Bedroom rendering by Desart Decor
Bedroom rendering by Desart Decor

Hotels understand the importance of a good window dressing in ensuring both privacy and a black-out quality at night. Swift Direct Blinds provide day and night blinds that not only look chic but offer a flexible solution for privacy and light control. They ensure total darkness at night, as well as protection from daylight glare.

5. Lighting

A key component in any hotel room is the lighting scheme. Give your room the feel of a boutique hotel using clever lighting tricks, from the soft ambient lighting either side of the bed, to the task lighting found around the dressing tables and en suite for perfect make-up application. To create a real wow factor, add a chandelier above the bed, to help reflect fragments of light around the room, and add an Instagram worthy filter.

Bedroom design by Lala Akkiraz Interiors featuring the Hypnotic Chandelier and Eternity Sconces by KOKET
Bedroom design by Lala Akkiraz Interiors featuring the Hypnotic Chandelier and Eternity Sconces by KOKET

Whatever scheme you decide for your bedroom, make sure it’s one you relish coming home to each night.

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