Words of Encouragement: Crutches Don’t Heal

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Ooooouuuch! You’ve just experienced the agony of a broken bone. A sharp burning sensation that seemed to last forever but was actually only a few minutes. Even after the initial pain subsides, you realize that you’re in for a process; a painful process. You imagined that if you could remain very still, it would alleviate some of the discomfort.

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Don’t touch it! That was the first thought that entered your mind as you held on to dear life. Adrenaline and fear run through your veins, your heart races, and you clench your teeth to avoid shouting expletives.

Words of Encouragement: Crutches Don’t Heal

Whether physical or emotional, the healing process hurts. We all wish it was tickles and giggles, but it involves cleansing, resetting, restoring, and time. Some of us don’t heal, we just continue to nurse old wounds. We are sometimes willing to trade a temporary pain for a long-term handicap. Don’t fear pain; it’s an indication of life, not death.

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This is necessary so that no infection can settle as a result of your wound. This can look like depression, anxiety, or fear.

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Aligning your mind, heart, and emotions in a position for suitable change. This can come in the form of wrong perspectives, perceptions, and complexes.


The recreation of the broken pieces of your life; wellness, wholeness, completeness.

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And Finally, Time…

They say time heals all wounds, but that’s only partially correct. Time is a factor in a process that must contain cleansing, resetting and restoring. Time itself may present the illusion of healing to a problem that has simply changed in form. For instance, you go through a difficult divorce, and while you may have overcome the emotional pain you are unable to trust your next romantic partner. True healing doesn’t just stop the hurting but reinforces a balanced you.

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