Lake Como Villas: Inside Villa Sola Cabiati

Meet Villa Sola Cabiati, a sister residence of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, one of the most enchanting hotels on Lake Como. First built in the 16th century, the Villa took on its Neoclassical appearance in the 18th century when it was renovated by the Dukes of Serbelloni.

Set on the shore of Lake Como and surrounded by traditional Italian Gardens, this stunning villa offers its guests a view of a lifetime. It has been considered one of the most magnificent aristocratic villas.

Inside Villa Sola Cabiati

Lake Como: Inside the Villa Sola Cabiati
The Entrance
Lake Como: Inside the Villa Sola Cabiati
The Entrance

The main building hosts a succession of highly-decorative halls, with artifacts and precious collections of tapestries, paintings and majolica. Basically, the Villa is an authentic masterpiece that dates back to the hedonism of the Belle Époque. The immaculate frescos by the Tiepolo school have been touched since the 1700s. And guess what? The villa also features a museum area, including Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine’s bed!!

Inside the Villa Sola Cabiati
The Living Room
Inside the Villa Sola Cabiati
The Dining Room

The Luxurious Villas of Lake Como

Upstairs, you’ll find the Sala degli Strucchi which features frescos on the walls and ceilings that depict Virgil’s Aeneid.

Lake Como: Inside the Villa Sola Cabiati
Sala degli Stucchi at Villa Sola Cabiati

The Suites

Every object and room tells a story. This Villa has six suites, offering sumptuous accommodations for up to 12 guests. The decor of each suite has its own unique style, offering always an experience of luxury and comfort. One more curiosity: Villa Sola Cabiati has been frequented by royalty and Hollywood stars!

guest room at lake como villa
A Guest Room


If you’re planning to go to Villa Sola Cabiati during summer months, you can also enjoy the marvelous pool with views for amazing mountains.

pool at lake como villa

Enjoy this historic residence and let it take you back to a time when extravagance knew no bounds! For reservations or more information, please visit the Grand Hotel Tremezzo Website, here.

Words by Rita Archer

All Photos Courtesy of Grand Hotel Tremezzo