Liberty London Unveils Unique Christmas Décor

liberty london bonsai chirstmas tree

Liberty London is a unique department store located on Great Marlborough Street, in the West End of London. The department store offers women, men, and children’s clothing, accessories, perfumes, skin care, furniture, stationary and gifts. The store has always offered unique and creative floral and graphic prints.

The Bonsai Tree

This year, Liberty London is taking a unique approach to holiday decor. The Christmas Liberty print Jeweltopia inspired “The Tree of Liberty” theme. The central atrium and display windows installation aims to celebrate the store’s heritage and whimsical design.

Bonsai Tree in Liberty London department store
Photo by Nailia

As you walk into the department store, you will find a life-size bonsai Christmas Tree. The tree hangs over all floors and floats just above the main atrium. The installation composes of deep teals and rich and vibrant pinks. The jewels that hang from the tree, contain these beautiful colors as well. The pink, cloud-like texture made of reindeer moss replicates the blossoms. The moss is from The New Convent Flower Garden Market. Prior to growing the moss, they dyed the soil to have the color grow naturally. The installation was hand crafted by scenic artists. It was completed in three lengths, due to it’s enormous size.

Bergdorf Goodman Windows: ‘Bergdorf Goodies’, The 2018 Holiday Windows

Exotic Décor at London Liberty

The massive bonsai tree’s branches sprawl into the department stores window displays. These windows took over a year to plan and eight days to install. They display playful puppets, and enchanting gifts throughout all the windows. Uniquely, these exotic, playful and beautifully crafted animals were hand made by artist Billie Achilleos.

One of the Lush Lemurs used for the Liberty London display.
One of the playful animals used on the Bonsai Tree created by Billie Achilleos

The Jeweltopia print, created by Liberty Fabrics in house design team, combines beauty and tradition from the Tree of Life . Combining this with playfullness and fantasy of exotic animals and treasures. The beauty of Liberty London fabrics, is the customer can bring these unique designs home. From slippers to silks, to stockings, the print is available throughout all departments.

Puppets from the Liberty London window displays.

 The playful animals packaged to head to London Liberty, created by Billie Achilleos
playful puppet in display window
More whimsical creatures made by Billie Achilleos
peacock designed for liberty London
Delicately hand crafted by Billie Achilleos

Words by Samantha Baird