A Deep Dive Into The Power of Decluttering & Design

the power of decluttering photo by ian dooley unsplash

Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe living in a fast-paced, “keep up” with everything type of society may actually, in fact, be slowing us down?! And that if you paused, began decluttering, and beautifying your surroundings you could actually increase your productivity?

Unfortunately, it seems fast is a speed most of us try to maintain. We put on our best clothes, nicest shoes and fresh face to make sure we are presentable to the public. We take countless photos to post to our social media site, but not until we edit those to perfection. Because of course, we need to look fresh, flawless and focused.

But when the day is over and we head back home, to our haven what we typically find is piles of papers, piles of laundry, piles of dishes, pretty much piles of everything that we really cannot “keep up” with. But, hey no one sees this right?!? Unfortunately, this is our reality. Too bad we cannot use editing tools on our home front as easily as we can in the palm of our hands-on Instagram.

The Negative Impact of “Stuff”

woman's legs wearing heels sticking out of a pile of laundry - power of decluttering

Now, not everyone is a complete mess in their home as I have explained, but how many of you have a room or closet full of “stuff”?  Stuff that you haven’t even noticed for so long because it has been such a part of your environment. Regardless if your home or even your office is tidy, there is still a large impact that “stuff” plays on you mentally.

messy closet in need of decluttering - photo by onur bahcivancilar unsplash

The field of mind-body studies includes research on the relationship between our surroundings and health. Studies show that a healthy and pleasing environment can do more than simply improve your mood. It can affect your immune system and physical health. Our physical environment impacts us in ways that we are conscious of and not conscious of. We take in so much through all of our senses, and this can change our mentality, mood, and emotions and affect our health.

The Power of Beauty

Did you know that our amazing and powerful brains actually have a “beautiful view” spot? When we see a beautiful view this is impacting us in a very deep way. Studies have shown that this part of the brain is very rich in opioid receptors. There is a theory that when we look at a beautiful view, we have a rush of endorphins.

beautiful view of a beach

I think we can all agree how seeing a beautiful view of nature, excites us versus seeing a view of garbage and ruins, that actually sinks our heart into our stomach.

The Power of Decluttering

Maybe there is something to this, maybe we are meant to live in balance and bring harmony through the simplest things like our homes and offices. Taking the time to dive into decluttering our lives and beautifying our spaces will actually help us get ahead versus trying to keep up. Also, try considering selling, donating or even storing your belongings in a self storage facility that will surely free up space.

Words by Lisa Anderson