Inside a Multigenerational Home that Beautifully Upholds Family Values

multigenerational home in india by bahet & associates

When tasked with building a multigenerational home that would uphold the Indian values dear to the client—such as filial piety and hierarchy—Baheti & Associates created a beautiful contemporary abode.

Guided by the needs of a multigenerational family, Baheti & Associates designed a space in which intimate private spaces and communal spaces balance in harmony while reflecting the family’s culture.

Baheti & Associates

The India-based design firm Baheti & Associates is led by Mr. Suntosh Baheti. After receiving his degree in Civil Engineering from Wadia College, Pune, Mr. Baheti went on to pursue interior design at Marathwada School of Interior Designing in Pune, India.

With over three decades of experience in the field of interior design, Mr. Baheti still thirsts to learn more and constantly works to improvise his designs and methodology. He started his journey alone, but now he mentors a team of 30 innovative and dedicated professionals. So when Baheti & Associates were challenged with designing a multigenerational home, Mr. Baheti happily accepted.

The Bangur House: A Multigenerational Home

Known as The Bangur House, the home sits in a quiet neighborhood in the capital of India, Vasan Vihar. Created to accommodate four generations: the client and his parents, his son and daughter in law and 2 grandsons. The home also needed to include a space where the client could host business associates and extended family and friends. As well as features such as a Hobby Area, Gentleman’s Lounge, an informal room, and 7 bedrooms.

multigenerational home in india - the bangur house - designed by baheti & associates

On entering the house through the heroic sunburst door with solid brass handles, a serene sound of water rippling over brass lotuses, tons of natural light, Statuario marble underfoot, and a passage that leads your eyes to the temple door, awaits you. Entertaining and hosting are at the heart of this home as evidenced by the formal living, family room and dining area opening up into a courtyard.

A Connection Between Spaces

After learning the nuances of each generation in the family, Baheti & Associates focused on connecting the variety of spaces needed. From private to communal spaces, Baheti & Associates masterfully created one overall harmonious space. A space that reflects the family culture while meeting individual needs.

Drawing inspiration from the traditional Chinese quadrangle house, or siheyuan, the design is structured and not overly flamboyant, a trait that’s said to be characteristic of the client as well. Symmetry and hierarchy reign as the bedrooms and private areas are spread across the two upper floors, arranged hierarchically with the master bedroom at the top, and children’s rooms at the lower levels—reflective of the traditional family order.

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Inside the Multigenerational Home

courtyard entry in multigenerational home in india - the bangur house - designed by baheti & associates

The Common Areas

The ground floor houses the home overlook the brass lotus water feature and a green wall that meets a skylight. The formal living room is placed there. With a beautiful entrance consisting of 2 symmetric doors adorned with contemporary gold brushed metalwork enveloping glass. A passage then leads to the family room, overlooking the courtyard through sliding and foldable doors opening the space. Next on the ground floor is the dining room and the hobby room. And then a passage leading to 2 master bedrooms and finally the Mandir (Hindu temple) stands at the end.

multigenerational home in india - the bangur house - designed by baheti & associates

Formal Living & Family Room

The formal living and the family room are distinctly different in their design characteristics.

In the formal living, the wooden clad sloping ceiling gives an expansive look and a sense of spaciousness. As far as ceiling space is concerned, while being accompanied with floor to lintel windows that open up into the court. Geometry is the language of expression in this space. The centered accent TV wall especially interesting—a victorian stone arch complemented by the 2 classic yet modern doors. While the furniture offers a contemporary aesthetic, the decor leans more toward a blend between urban classic and modern rustic. The huge Industrial chandeliers have a huge effect on the overall attitude of the room. The acrylic cast chairs add an eye-catching factor, yet are relatively subdued and blend in.

multigenerational home in india - the bangur house - designed by baheti & associates

In the family room, a myriad of tasteful and modern touches team up with contemporary furniture made only for the bold and highly confident. The customized metal screens at the entrance. The color-coordinated modern art. A luxe rug laid out to perfection. A precise wooden contraband ceiling and a plain white ceiling. Precious metallic elements. Deluxe home lighting solutions. And bespoke light installations make up this space.

The Courtyard

A courtyard-esque space in the middle of each of the house’s three major common areas makes for a common area for members of the family to interact. The incorporation of nature—from greenery and
foliage to bodies of water throughout, the interweaving of nature and modernity, reflects the lifestyle of the family.

multigenerational home in india - the bangur house - designed by baheti & associates

The Dining Room

The dining room organically extends from the family room through the gold metal screens. A luxurious Statuario marble top table and minimalistic leather chairs define the space. The edgy chandelier with roughly cut crystals compliments the rustic cotton steel wall mural. A special element of this space is the curtains, a series of thin metal chains running all along the length of the room to maintain the transparency by overlooking the court. The composition of the metal mirror art piece with the brown-orange marble on which rests the basin is an iconic design feature of this space.

contemporary dining room design by baheti & associates
decodiva marble and brass dining table by koket

The Kitchen

Next to the dining area is the unique kitchen design—home to a dado wall of metallic rustic green tiles, each different from the other giving it a rustic atmospheric glow.

unique kitchen design with dado wall

The Hobby Room

In the hobby room, a play of colors and shapes represent the purpose of the space. Two beanbag styled yellow and orange chairs with a rug complimenting below, coupled with customized curtains with color co-ordinated cross-stitching in the middle give this space a playful character. A very unique blend of materials and forms are in this space, hexagons in Statuario which flow into stripped wooden flooring, make the space even more eclectic and artistic.

colorful hobby room designed by baheti & associates

The Mandir

The Mandir, the most peaceful space of the home boasts a double-height ceiling with a long chandelier over it and the marble wall which lights up the circular portions of the pattern on it.

The Bedrooms

Each bedroom speaks a different unique language crafted carefully for its occupant.

To create an air of formality in the master bedrooms, Baheti & Associates opted for designer accent walls, seating and lots of art pieces.

The back wall panels behind the beds, embellished with gold divisions, conjure a scene of sophistication and luxury. Geometry is the language of expression in this attractive bedroom. The centered headboard adds special interest with a variety of textures that come together at matched points.

bedroom designed by baheti & associates with wood paneling

This bedroom uses layers of natural wood abstracting as a tree on the far headboard wall—the effect is calming and artful. The natural wood presents a warm focal point, while the curtains provide a weightless and ethereal appearance sure to invoke pleasant dreams. On the side, a dash of fresh green livens up the space with the armchair, foot ottoman and dramatic painting resting on the wall.

unique bedroom design by baheti & associates

Texture adds depth to the decor scheme: A knitted grey bed back crouches on a deep pile rug, beside a headboard feature wall of concrete panels. The accent wall is eye-catching yet relatively subdued, leaving plenty of room to appreciate the incredible view.

grey bedroom design

Bravo to Baheti & Associates on the design of this stunning multigenerational home!

All Photos Courtesy of Estrella Communication / Baheti & Associates