Ask Lh: How to Think Positive Thoughts

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Question: How do I think positive thoughts?

Answer: The simple answer is you choose to. We wish all choices were as easy as taco night or spaghetti night, or off-white pumps or beige pumps. But the reality is—life is complicated! One thing most of us can agree on is wanting to be and to think more positive.

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I have never known anyone to drastically change any part of their life without intentionality. We are so conditioned to our regular routine, that it becomes subconscious. Which means we’re not even fully aware of what we are doing. However, we are aware of the byproduct of negative thoughts. Restlessness, discouragement, frustration….to name a few.

It’s sort of like weight gain. We know our pants are not fitting quite the same, but only then do we consider all our late-night eating. So why not get ahead of the curve? Be proactive in your thinking instead of reactive.

Every habit that you have started somewhere. You might leave your shoes on the side of your bed or leave your hairbrush on the corner of your dresser, but whatever it is—it had a start date. Negativity isn’t a person or a personality; it’s a mindset. A mindset that can be altered with the following tips about how to think positive thoughts:


You are who you surround yourself with. Try surrounding yourself with positive company; it will rub off on you.

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Work on your perspective. Is the glass half-empty or half-full? Challenge yourself to see the best in people and situations.

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Fix your focus. Our brains can only contain so much information at one time, so it’s up to us to prioritize what we think about. If there is ever a time to be choosy, this is it!

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Words by Jada Ledbetter