SUD Lisboa: Lisbon’s Most Unique Destination for Dining, Leisure and Private Events

Located on the riverside of Lisbon’s Belém district, overlooking the Tejo River, SUD Lisboa brings a breath of fresh air to Lisbon’s dining, entertainment, and events scene.

Born on July 11, 2017, SUD Lisboa is SANA Hotel group’s first non-hotel project. The unique concept is set in a complex consisting of two distinct buildings unified by a bridge and overarching mission to provide space for leisure and luxury lifestyle experiences. To one side sits SUD Lisboa Terrazza, a building dedicated to food and leisure. While to the other side is SUD Lisboa Hall, a building focused on events. Designed by renowned architect Antoine Pinto, the two venues each offer their own strong personality while coexisting as they create unforgettable moments amplified by beautiful river views.


The SUD Lisboa Terrazza building offers a restaurant, two bars, stunning terraces and exceptional views of the Tejo River. From its decor to its aromas, the restaurant is influenced by Italian and Mediterranic cuisine. Inside contemporary meets rustic vibes creating a relaxing yet elegant space. The large terrace dining area is covered with a beautiful rope pergola covered in hanging coconuts, lamps and greenery.

SUD Lisboa Terrazza
SUD Lisboa Terrazza
SUD Lisboa Terrazza

A statement spiral staircase with beautifully detailed brass railings leads from the restaurant upstairs to another magnificent terrace and the infinity swimming pool of the SUD Pool Lounge.

SUD Staircase
Statement Spiral Staircase

This is a rare find in Lisbon and surely one that attracts national and international clients alike.


Complementing the Terrazza’s delicious victuals, the space has a strong commitment to entertainment, featuring a resident DJ and live music daily.

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Coccina di Mama, Cocktails & Wine

The concept of SUD Lisboa Terrazza cuisine ranges inspired by Mediterranean gastronomy combined with flavors from southern Italy. The menu has honest food, with a touch of modernity and simplicity, that makes everyone feel at home. Sophisticated starters, pastas, risottos, wood-fired pizzas, delightful meat, and fish dishes are just a few of the flavors ready to savor. An excellent wine list and personalized or signature cocktails offer the perfect symbiosis.

gold nature inspired wall sconce - passion sconce by koket

Our Flavour Journey

Love Happens had the pleasure of enjoying a tasting prepared by the Chef, come along on our delicious journey!

As a starter, we savored a combination of a selection of bread, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. Next, we were presented with BRANZINO, a seabass carpaccio with an apple, lemon and mint aroma. A fresh and colorful opening meal!

Our relishing continued with a wonderful mullet loin and squid mincemeat in Sardinian, pancetta and majolica fregula called TRIGILIA. Followed by a medallion of sweaty taglioni followed by truffles and lemon. And finally, something more intense, foie gras calf tournedo, with asparagus and creamy celery.

For dessert, SUD CIOCCOLATO, dark chocolate mousse, raspberry and praline gel, and ice cream, a symbology of vibrant cores, where raspberries blend perfectly with chocolate.

Dark chocolate mousse
SUD CIOCCOLATO: Dark chocolate mousse

Wines were perfectly paired to each dish, from the freshest to the most intense. An overall delicious meal from start to finish!

SUD is now offering a new Winter Menu, including delicious starters like Tuna Alla Scapace, a marinated tuna with spices, olive sherification, crushy fennel and zucchini “alla Scapece”. And besides the starters, you can enjoy some fresh fish, meat or pasta! The desserts are to die for, especially the Apple Crumble!

JONH DORY FILELT, pan seared John Dory fillet with citrus, cauliflower cream, fregola sarda pasta and razor shell
Desert Apple Crumble
APPLE CRUMBLE, warm apple crumble, cinnamon foam, caramel and vanilla ice cream

SUD Pool Lounge

SUN, FUN, FOOD & DRINKS is the signature of SUD Pool Lounge. Located on the second level of SUD Lisboa Terrazza, this stunning setting is considered “one of the most instagrammable spots in Lisbon”.

SUD Pool Lounge
SUD Pool Lounge


If you love the SUD Lisboa Terrazza vibe and service but are looking to host a private event, then SUD Lisboa Hall is the venue you have been looking for. From major corporate and promotional events for premium fashion brands, international TV chains, etc. to intimate celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, christenings or any other special occasions, SUD Lisboa Hall is a spectacular setting for any kind of event.

SUD Lisboa Hall
SUD Lisboa Hall

A New Year’s Eve Celebration

SUD Lisboa Hall is dedicated exclusively to private events including corporate, social, weddings, conferences, etc. However, once each year the Hall opens its doors to the public to present a New Year’s Eve Gala. Be sure to check in on this year’s event plans!

Words by Sofia Silva
All Photos Courtesy of SUD Lisboa