Design Lovers Guide to Maison et Objet 2020 Paris

maison et objet 2020 paris

Each January the city of Paris is taken over by some of the world’s most creative, new, and inspiring designs. From Maison & Objet and Paris Deco Off to Spring/Summer Fashion Weeks and Paris Haute Couture the city of lights is a buzz with beautiful works of art created by masterful talents. First on the design schedule is Maison et Objet 2020 Paris, the international authority for interior design, architecture, and lifestyle trends, celebrating its 25th edition from January 17 – 21. So if you are heading to Paris for the most prestigious design show of the year here is what the Love Happens team thinks you must see!

At Maison et Objet Paris 2020

Where to Begin

A great way to start your adventures in this massive haven of design magic is to visit the show’s fabulous installations before venturing into each of the sectors.

Start with WHAT’S NEW? in Halls 2, 3 & 4

Want to be sure not to miss any trends, new brands, or innovative products? With the three WHAT’S NEW? spaces, each with their own theme – Care, Share, and Living – Maison et Objet’s curators offer inspiration and have spotted for you what you simply cannot afford to miss! Their unanimous choice for the color of the year may surprise you…

Find your way to Hall 7 for DESIGN, AND… ACTION! to explore the 2020 theme, (RE) GENERATION!”


maison & objet paris 2020 (re) generation theme
Courtesy of M&O

“Playing the nostalgia card is out of the question! So, to celebrate its 25th anniversary, MAISON&OBJET is looking to the future and, in its upcoming January and September editions, will set out to analyze the attitudes, desires, and expectations of Generation Y and Z’s digital natives. A whole year’s celebrations will be devoted to these committed millennials who, confronted with the many current crises, are looking for a better world, changing the rules and revolutionizing consumer behavior in both the home and lifestyle sectors.”

MAISON&OBJET has chosen to work with Business and Creative Intelligence consultant agency Nelly Rodi, to examine new consumer trends driven by the new generation and the subsequent influences on business.

Inspirations 2020 / DESIGN, AND… ACTION!

Created by Ramy Fischler, Designer of the Year 2018, the innovative and demanding (Re) Generation is the subject of the ambitious forward-looking DESIGN, AND… ACTION! installation.

“We’re offering an experimental space that will spark debate on tomorrow’s creative concepts and will allow each of us to form our own opinions.” RF Studio

GREENKISS® by Hubert de Malherbe, Thierry Lemaire & Paolo Castelli

The new generations’ environmental commitments give rise to an eco-design mindset and inspire bold projects such as GREENKISS®. The elegant and minimal furniture and lighting created by Hubert de Malherbe, Thierry Lemaire and Paolo Castelli – which you can discover in this unique exhibition – make a strong gesture for the planet, for example by using sustainable materials (fast-growing trees, recycled fabrics, and concrete).

greenkiss by hubert de malherbe, thierry lemaire & paolo castelli - maison & objet paris 2020 installation
Photo ©GREENKISS® / Courtesy of M&O

Must-See Brands in Our Favorite Halls 7 & 8

KOKET – Love Happens

Where: Hall 8, Stand B30

What: While looking to the past will always be essential, the current focus of the world, especially of up and coming generations, is most certainly to look to the future. To a better, kinder, more responsible world. A world where things are made to last. A world where timeless is not stogy but instead rejuvenating. It is this concept of the regenerative power of timeless style which adored US luxury decor brand KOKET will celebrate at Maison et Objet Paris 2020. Visitors will delight as KOKET showcases its beloved statement designs alongside its new irresistibly youthful collection, KKbyKOKET

koket maison et objet paris 2020 hall 8

NOTE: When you stop by KOKET be sure to pick up a complimentary copy of the current print edition of Love Happens!

Love Happens Volume 4 - The Green Side of Luxury
Love Happens Volume 4: The Green Side of Luxury


Where: Hall 7 — Stand D76

What: Since 1990, R & Y AUGOUSTI mixes past and present in collections made from exotic materials such as shagreen and mother-of-pearl.

Tiffany Vanity Set by R & Y Augousti
Tiffany Vanity Set by R & Y Augousti


Where: Hall 7 — Stand F4

What: THE ILLUMINATING OSTRICH FEATHER PALM LAMPS, resplendent with exquisite Ostrich feather foliage. Luxurious, unique, exquisite lighting with Hollywood regency styling in a range of beautiful bespoke colors and finishes to complement any interior. Aynhoe Park is the 17th century Palladian home of JAMES PERKINS & his art collection & extensive cabinet of curiosities from around the globe. Influenced by the grand tourers of the 18th Century, JAMES has accumulated an unrivaled collection of fine art & modern design. Encapsulating the worlds of both museum and wonderland, the otherworldly interiors of Aynhoe park have long been a well-kept secret of the sartorial set. Now you too can be part of the story. With an impeccably curated collection available to invest in from the feather lamps to fine art & modern design & exclusive editions.

a modern grand tour Ostrich Feather Lamp and antiques
Ostrich Feather Lamp and Antiques by A Modern Grand Tour


Where: Hall 7 — Stand D31

What: Acyluso – Acrylic Furniture and Homeware Leading manufacturer of a comprehensive range of acrylic furniture and homeware.

ciara dining chair by acyluso laser edge designs
Ciara Dining Chair by Acryluso: Laser Edge Designs


Where: Hall 8 — Stand A66

What: The FENDI CASA collection was founded upon a strong intuition of Alberto Vignatelli in 1988 with the vocation to decorate rooms the same way FENDI dressed generations of women with clothes and accessories. Today FENDI CASA offers an elegant and cosmopolitan lifestyle, with a collection that ranges from contemporary to modern or classic.

fendi casa sofa luxury furniture
Duke Sofa by Fendi Casa


Where: Hall 8 — Stand A99

What: Luxury, Culture & Art de Vivre ASSOULINE is an independent luxury book publisher, retailer, and lifestyle brand founded in 1994 by Prosper and Martine ASSOULINE. Renowned for their highly original graphic concept, ASSOULINE books are works of art that capture culture and bring it to life. With over 1,000 titles on subjects including architecture, art, design, fashion, gastronomy, lifestyle, photography, and travel, ASSOULINE has created a unique, eclectic, and elegant signature.

The Art of an Iconic Brand: An Interview with the Assoulines


Where: Hall 8 — Stand A93

What: Creation of exclusive furniture and accessories. Natural materials: shagreen, shells, parchment…Custom-made projects. Created in 2001 in Normandy, GINGER BROWN was born of an association between a father and his two sons; a common passion for furniture, design and atypical materials are at the origin of our creations.

CB Orion by Ginger Brown
CB Orion by Ginger Brown


Where: Hall 8 — Stand B116

What: L’OBJET is the luxury lifestyle brand specializing in exquisitely crafted tableware, table accessories and home decor, founded by former interior designer Elad Yifrach. The brand’s philosophy is to provide discerning consumers with designs for the home that are both luxurious and functional, and crafted to the most exacting standards.

celestial bowls by l'objet
Celestial Bowls by L’Objet


Where: Hall 8 — Stand B47

What: SERIP designs and produces nature-inspired sculptures resulting in decor elements and organic lighting, drawing from three generations of Portuguese craftsmanship. SERIP designs and produces nature-inspired sculptures resulting in decor elements and organic lighting that stands out for its thorough attention to detail. Expert in illumination since 1961, SERIP’s design consists in organic shapes where the disproportionate and uneven forms set SERIP’s design apart as exclusive and unique, based in nature’s powerful distinguished elements, bringing to life the concept of “Organic Design”.

Voa Collection by Serip
Voa Collection by Serip


Where: Hall 8 — Stand C20

What: Welcome to the world of CIRCU, a world full of magic and fantasy, where your dreams turn into reality! CIRCU’s vision is focused on being part of the child’s world, being present in the most ambitious, luxurious and charming decoration projects and interiors for children.
Design unique, exclusive and magical furniture with an exceptional design.

Neo Mint Color Trend Moodboard by Circu
Neo Mint Color Trend Moodboard by Circu


Where: Hall 8 — Stand C3

What: The art of designing and crafting exclusive pieces. BOCA DO LOBO seeks to encourage and represent the most authentic handcrafting techniques around the world. We are fearless and crave for innovation, our aim for excellence is what determines our passion.

Metamorphosis Dining Table by Boca do Lobo
Metamorphosis Dining Table by Boca do Lobo


Where: Hall 8 — Stand C43

What: HAMILTON CONTE PARIS creates a distinct universe, composed of eclectic furniture and accessories and inspired by different eras, cultures and styles.

Ignacio Luxe by Hamilton Conte
Ignacio Luxe by Hamilton Conte


Where: Hall 8 — Stand C51

What: LLADRÓ is a Spanish luxury brand internationally recognized as a leader in high end and exclusive porcelain sculptures, lighting and home decor objects Since its creation in 1953, LLADRÓ is based in Valencia, where all the pieces are handcrafted.

Memphis by Lladro
Memphis by Lladro


Where: Hall 8 — Stand C54

What: WALL&DECÒ is a creative inspiration boasting an ongoing balance between planning and design, photographic hyperrealism and graphics, research and formal immediacy. It is a new approach to wall decoration, an expression of trends and suggestive settings, boasting a unique design and a strong visual impact.

Wonder by Wall&Deco
Wonder by Wall&Deco


Where: Hall 8 — Stand C73

What: In a constant search for renovation, VISTA ALEGRE reveals a huge capacity to follow global trends, working regularly with prestigious designers worldwide. The essential values are quality of excellence, innovation, design, universality, the connection to art and culture, always combining tradition and modernity.

Unica by Vista Alegre
Unica by Vista Alegre

Maison et Objet 2019 Rundown: Luxury Home Decor We Loved

The Talks at Maison et Objet Paris 2020

Looking to do some learning beyond just sourcing? Maison & Objet has some great content lined up! Here are a few we are looking forward to hearing.

(RE) GENERATION! That one engaged and increased

Vincent Gregoire, Creative Director of NellyRodi - maison & objet paris 2020
Vincent Gregoire, Creative Director of NellyRodi (Photo Courtesy of NellyRodi)

When: Friday 01.17 — 11:00 – 11:45am

Where: THE TALKS — Hall 7

Who: Vincent Grégoire, Lifestyle Director, NellyRodi Agency

What: A new generation takes power, infuses new energies, moves lines and shares his forward-looking values. Stimulating!

Staying on Top: An Interview with Vincent Gregoire, Creative Director of NellyRodi

Pierre-Yves Rochon, a certain idea of Luxury

When: Friday 01.17 — 1:00 – 1:45pm

Where: THE TALKS — Hall 7

Who: Pierre-Yves Rochon, Principal and Global Design Director of PYR

What: From his first luxury hospitality project 40 years ago to today, Pierre-Yves Rochon is a true reference in Interior Architecture. From the most classic to the most contemporary style, he will tell us how he approaches each project as a personal challenge.

Designer of the Year Michael Anastassiades: Light and Space

Michael Anastassiades, Designer of the Year 2020 - maison et objet 2020
Michael Anastassiades, Designer of the Year 2020 (Photo by Eirini Vourloumis / Courtesy of M&O)

When: Friday 01.17 — 04:00 – 04:45pm

Where: THE TALKS — Hall 7

Who: Michael Anastassiades, Designer

What: Designer Maison&Objet of the year for this edition, Michael Anastassiades has made light his favorite subject. His luminous objects interact with space in a constant search for movement and balance.

DIMORESTUDIO – Spaces in Transformation

When: Friday 01.18 — 02:00 – 02:45pm

Where: THE TALKS — Hall 7

Who: Britt Moran & Emiliano Salci – DIMORESTUDIO

What: We talk to Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran about how their design practice is in constant evolution and how their gallery in via Solferino is an homage to Italianness.

Limited editions and collaborations: creating rarity

When: Saturday 01.19 — 11:00 – 11:30am

Where: THE RETAIL LAB — Hall 1

Who: Alexandra Sprung Co-founder of Simone agency

What: Collaborations between brands and limited editions have never been more abundant. At the crossroads of different styles, they open up creative possibilities and address new targets.

The Silver Generation: “I do what I like”

When: Monday 01.19 — 3:00 – 3:30pm

Where: THE RETAIL LAB — Hall 1

Who: Christophe Parot – Founder Brainjuice Studio

What: Not faux youngsters nor traditional retirees; not crazed teenagers nor senior citizens; Bursting with energy and engaged consumers, the Silver Generation is revolutionising our perception of age!

Charlotte Perriand: a visionary in the world of design

le monde nouveau de charlotte perriand - maison & objet paris 2020
Courtesy of M&O

When: Monday 01.19 — 4:00 – 4:45pm

Where: THE TALKS — Hall 7

Who: Jacques Barsac, Expert of the work of Charlotte Perriand, Curator of the exhibition and Director of the catalog; Sébastien Cherruet, Doctor of Art History, Specialist in 20th-century architecture, Curator of the exhibition and Director of the catalog; Pernette Perriand, Collaborator of Charlotte Perriand for many architectural and design projects, and Curator of the exhibition.

What: Modernist pioneer, the architect and designer Charlotte Perriand inspired the century with a new vision of interior living. On the occasion of the dazzling tribute to the Vuitton Foundation*, a look back at her work, more inspiring and timely than ever.

Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet: the challenge of finding inspiration

Emil Humbert & Christophe Poyet maison et objet 2020
Emil Humbert & Christophe Poyet (Photo Courtesy of M&O)

When: Monday 01.20 — 3:00 – 3:45pm

Where: THE TALKS — Hall 7

Who: Emil Humbert & Christophe Poyet – Humbert&Poyet

What: For these young architects multiplying exceptional projects around the world, nothing is more essential than inspiration. Theirs is nourished by travel, curiosity, history, art, fashion, and a perpetual creative ping-pong. Explanations.

Humbert & Poyet’s Interior Masterpiece of Seduction and Charm at Beefbar Paris

Other Happenings in Paris During Maison et Objet

Paris Déco Off

When: Thursday 01.16 — Monday 01.20 — Daily 9:30am – 7:30pm; At Night on Saturday 01.18 until 11:30pm

What: The «rendez-vous» of international interior designers and decoration editors. A 10th Anniversary Celebration!

paris deco off - fabric lampshades hanging on rue de l'abbaye - photo by max sat via flickr
Source: Max Sat via Flickr

For everything you need to know about visiting Paris Deco Off 2020 check out Love Happens Ultimate Guide

American Party in Paris – SOLD OUT!

When: Friday 01.17 — 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Where: Theatre de Chaillot

What: The most anticipated party of Paris Deco Off returns! Spend an evening with design colleagues from around the globe at the historic Theatre de Chaillot.

More Info:

7th Annual Paris Flea Market Champagne Jazz Brunch

When: Sunday 01.19 — 11:00am – 3:00pm

Where: The Paris Flea Market – Marché Dauphine, 140 rue de Rosiers

What: Join founder Toma Clark Haines and The Antiques Diva & Co team for bites, bubbly and conversation with the crème de la crème of the interior design community! Then head off to explore the many wonders of the famous Paris Flea Market.

Toma Clark Haines, Founder of Antiques Diva & Co, and Guests at the 6th Annual Paris Flea Market Champagne Brunch at Marché Dauphine
Source: Aspire Design + Home Magazine
Toma Clark Haines, Founder of Antiques Diva & Co, and Guests at the 6th Annual Paris Flea Market Champagne Brunch at Marché Dauphine (Photo Courtesy of Aspire Design + Home Magazine)

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By Anna Beck Bimba