How to Live More Sustainably Right Now in 5 Easy Ways

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There has been a huge movement towards sustainable living in the last few years, which is a trend that is both fashionable and purposeful. Considering the dramatic statistics that confirm climate change, treading a little lighter on our earth by finding out how to live more sustainably is an effort we should all make.

Making the change can be a little tough, though, if you are not too sure where to start. There are so many ways you can be making small changes. This ranges from recycling household waste, reducing electricity use, going paperless, saving water, to even using vegan or cruelty-free makeup products.

However, once you’ve set up a sustainable living routine, it’s a lifestyle that’s easy to maintain. Here are five easy ways to learn how to live more sustainably starting today:

How to Live More Sustainably Right Now

1) Recycle

Recycling can sound like a huge schlep, but it’s all about organization and routine. Items that are the most easily recyclable are plastics, tins, glass, and paper. So start by getting yourself a few bins or boxes to keep these items in once you have used and rinsed them.

You will then need to know where to take your recycling in your area. In some regions the council will pick it all up, sometimes independent people may fetch it, or you need to take it to a depot. Just set aside a slot once a month for taking it all through if no one collects in your area.

2) Use Natural Beauty Products

We all use some kind of beauty products every day. Even ladies lucky enough not to need much makeup will still use cleansing and moisturizing products. This is a huge area that, as women, we can make changes.

So many brands still test on animals, so if you would prefer not to support that industry start to look for products that do not test their products on animals. You can find these labeled as cruelty-free makeup products in stores and online.

You can also go for more natural beauty products. These types of companies have a green ethos and will usually not test on animals, and you will benefit from absorbing fewer harmful toxins. You can find these sorts of products online, in health shops, and even in the ‘natural’ section of your drug store these days.  

You can also extend this to using natural house cleaning products.

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3) Use Less Power

Using energy more wisely is a great way to go green, as it cuts down your carbon footprint as well as your electricity bill.

You can save energy by:

  • Installing modern LED light bulbs.
  • Turning off lights or appliances you do not need at the given moment.
  • Air drying rather than tumble drying laundry.
  • Installing energy-saving household appliances.

If you get into going green, you can look into getting solar panels to run your electricity systems off. But that takes more resources to set up.

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4) Save Water

Don’t torture yourself by skipping those long baths you love so much, but you can use that water for your garden rather than just letting it go down the drain. Again, this saves money and reduces potable water wastage.

You can also check that your taps are not leaking to prevent any excess water from draining the planet and your monthly fund for utilities.

5) Go Paperless

For bills, invoices, pamphlets, event invitations, etc., go digital rather than print wherever possible. This will give you less clutter and save trees.

Final Thoughts

Like anything in life, how to living more sustainably is a decision you need to make and put energy into. Small gestures here and there are kind, but that won’t create a new lifestyle. Once you have made inroads in this new venture, you won’t want to go back!

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