5 Ideas for a Chic Nursery Room

Chic Nursery Design by Little Crown Interiors - AFK Furniture

The joy of adding a new member of the family is incomparable to anything in this world. To make the season more exciting, you need to turn one of your spare rooms to a baby nursery. The entire process is not as relaxing as you might picture, given that you need to make a few decisions on the design, the nursery furniture and plan your budget. For a chic nursery, there are a lot of ways by which you can get creative. You probably are already thinking about the color pink. However, there are more colors and patterns to consider. Here is a detailed guide on some fantastic ideas for your chic nursery room.

Consider A Multipurpose Room

Mariah Carey's Nursery with AFK Furniture
Mariah Carey’s Nursery with AFK Fine Furniture for Children

For most moms, the biggest mistake you make is not thinking about the future when planning a chic nursery room. Because of this mistake, you end up incurring the cost twice once your child gets older or you get another child. A multipurpose room needs the balance of a child’s feelings and one of a teenager if not an adult.

To accomplish this, you need, number one, a neutral wallpaper. You can never go wrong with patterns. A flowery look is also lovely, and you can play around with different colors to see which one comes close to your idea.

The furniture should also be something that can allow different life transitions. You will need a baby court, to begin with, but things like the table, a chair, the wardrobe, and shelves should be able to handle a transition as well. A bookshelf is always a great idea, given the story reading nights and school homework nights you await in the near future.

Also, consider CCTV installation to be able to ensure security in your kid’s room. Once your child is old enough to take care of themselves, you can consider removing it for privacy reasons. However, in the early stages, security comes first and not privacy.

Go Bold on the Patterns

blue and white nursery by serena & lily
Nursery furniture by Serena & Lily

Patterns have a way of adding life and edge to a room. Do not be afraid to go with something daring. Geometric patterns are exciting and have been trending for a while now. If you have a plain color wall, the geometric patterns on the carpet and curtains will give your infant an awe feeling, every time they survey the room.

You can add some paintings with geometric patterns as well to break the wall monotony and use bold colors to bring some life into the room.

Consider Neutral Colours

chic neutral nursery with Furniture by Serena & Lily
Furniture by Serena & Lily

As mentioned in the introduction, just because you are expecting a girl does not mean the automatic color to fill her room should be pink. First, you are not sure if she will be a barbie girl when she advances in age or whether she will love other bold colors. It is, therefore, safer to choose neutral colors.

Brown, grey, cream and lighter shades of green are great choices. Neutral colors add a sense of sophistication to the room and give you the option of reusing the nursery with different babies of different genders. Also, neutral colors give you more décor options when it comes to art and toys’ selections. It shows that you are thinking of unique flows and not what everyone else is doing.

Some parents wait for gender revelation until the later dates of the pregnancy. Neutral colors allow you to plan early even when you are not sure about your child’s gender. Finally, if you are in disagreement with your spouse about which color to go with, a neutral color will help create harmony.

Luxury Kids Furniture for Your Home

Use Toys as Accessories

Fantasy Air Balloon Bed by Circu
Fantasy Air Balloon Crib/Bed by Circu

The truth is, a kid’s nursery is mostly identified with toys. Now, the idea is not to stuff every toy you find in the market to make it a complete nursery. It would be best if you also were strategic in how you arrange them. Different shapes and patterns will either work for or against the room’s décor.

Animals are fantastic toys to have, given that they come in different shapes and sizes. You can then have different teddy bear sizes in different parts of the room and then cement the entire look with one big animal doll. The oversized animal will not only act as a lovely touch to the décor; it might end up being your child’s favorite toy and even best friend. You could also go for a Kiss silicone baby doll, a multi-purpose lifelike toy. These baby dolls are not only beautiful decor they also promote social and communication skills to your growing child.

Lighting Ideas

chic Nursery designed by Little Crown Interiors featuring AFK Fine Furniture for Children
Nursery designed by Little Crown Interiors featuring AFK Fine Furniture for Children

To cement everything, the lighting is a significant factor when it comes to chic nursery room ideas. Number one, make sure you have adequate natural light during the day. It is great for the child’s development and also helps the room’s décor pop. Some colors excessively reflect light, so make sure you observe how much of the natural light you want and what you will consider too much. Window blinds help regulate this quite well.

During the night, you want to maintain a light that still keeps the room lively. A beautiful Chandaria will look amazing, and you can add a few wall lights if not the table lamp. Sometimes during dull seasons such as winter, you will need the artificial light to complement the natural one. Make sure you have adequate options so that your child is not agitated by the dark.C

In Closing

There are several options for how you can do a chic nursery décor. From the nursery furniture to the curtains and toys, you can never go wrong with trending toons. Research more on colors and how children respond to them and then decide what is suitable for both décor and your child’s development.

Most importantly, keep your budget in mind. In as much as you could go all out because of the season’s excitement, be careful to remain within the budget. There are several ways to get great décor in a cost-effective manner. In general, keep it playful yet sophisticated.

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