Practices of Strong Women

Strong women embody the essence of what it means to take ownership of one’s life and live defiantly in a way that can change the world. These women empower others, give off confidence, and, most importantly, know themselves inside and out. But how do they get to this point? Certain daily habits and practices can help you achieve this deeper sense of purpose within your own life, and make you feel strong and powerful no matter your circumstances.

Strong Women…

Know Their Self-worth

When you stop and take a moment to reflect on the qualities and characteristics that a strong woman possesses, you might realize there is more than just one thing that makes them stand out to you. If you’ve been lucky enough to have a female role model who has had an impact on your life, you are probably wondering how they got to this place. One commonality that you might typically find among these ladies is that they have found a way to be unapologetically themselves. From their core values to their beliefs—strong women inherently stay true to themselves. If you find yourself struggling to discover your sense of self, start making time for deep personal reflection and learn from powerful women on how to be confident. This type of woman knows her worth, but remember, that doesn’t mean this all happened overnight.

strong women know their self worth

Knowing one’s self-worth also includes acquiring a mental toughness against criticism, backlash, doubt, and negativity. While women have traditionally faced adversity throughout history, approaching the challenges bravely with inspiration from women who have come before builds a tradition of teaching others to find their own sense of self. A key point to remember about strong women is that the difficulties they have encountered have helped shaped them into who they are. Therefore, take peace in knowing that whatever difficult situation you are going through is never too much for your internal power to handle. 

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They Take Financial Responsibility

Furthermore, a strong woman will understand the importance of planning for the future. Whether they have a husband, children, pets, or a business that depends on them, securing a long-term financial plan illustrates a commitment to the betterment of those around them under any circumstances moving forward. In the wise words of American novelist Veronica Roth, “it’s when you’re acting selflessly that you are at your bravest.”

A solid way to jumpstart financial planning is to think over your life insurance needs depending on your situation. Women who possess qualities of strength must also consider their influence on others, including protecting their loved ones in the future, as a way to pass on their legacy. So, while reviewing life insurance may seem scary, it can actually be seen as a form of female empowerment since women, on average, tend to pay less for life insurance than men. Despite these averages, women should still take control of their future finances by educating themselves on the different types of life insurance policies available to ensure the best rate. This is a motivating factor for a strong girl to own their financial situation and invest in the future.

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Similarly, taking responsibility includes effective money-spending habits that allow for long-standing financial health. While it can be tempting to overspend and overlook setting up an emergency fund, these types of practices personify a woman’s strength to stand on her own. More and more, women are becoming the breadwinners of their households or holding higher ranking positions in the corporate world.  As more women adopt these proper money-saving techniques, we are further able to defend our worth and belonging at these top statuses.   

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Strong Women Are Resourceful

As previously mentioned, women have the ability to be great no matter what their circumstances are. Strong women especially understand that using the tools and means available to them can advance them in their goals—whether they be career-related, relationship-wise, physical or health, and more.

Women must remember that when it comes to their life, they must be their own biggest advocates. Standing up and setting high standards sets the groundwork for the life you are trying to achieve. An important part of this process is mastering the art of negotiating. To emphasize the significance of women asking for what they deserve, a study by Glassdoor found that 68% of women accepted a salary without any negotiation. The mark of a powerful woman means she fights for equality not only at work but can also bring this confidence into every situation life throws at her. Whether it be car prices, rent, medical bills, or more, go forth with confidence and embrace the womanly strength inside of you.

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Similarly, being resourceful means that you may have to get creative in order to maintain a seat at the table—even if that means working harder to get there. Some of the strongest women in history have overcome their own battles and used what they already had, along with their internal strength, to help bring them to success—like J.K. Rowling and Oprah. Rather than focusing on what isn’t available, strong women recognize the blessings already surrounding them and continue to make the most of every situation or opportunity they have.

Be The Strong Woman

The theme of powerful female leadership means truly taking ownership of their character, maintaining control of supporting themselves, embracing their strengths, and uplifting others all along the way. These practices shape the strong women in our society and will guide in helping the next generation to do the same. It is never too late to start embracing the strength that has been inside you all along.