#StayAtHome – Tips for Updating Your Home to Promote Wellness

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Here we are on pause. Living in a new world, much of which is being spent at home. Quickly becoming known as the #stayathome era. So, what better time than now to redecorate to optimize wellness within your home while helping pass the time. These 8 tips are sure to help with your #stayathome mission!

1. Create a Relaxation Corner

What better way to enjoy time at home than in a special relaxing nook?! If you don’t have one of these spaces already now is the time to create it. The first step is to pick a corner. Then add your favorite seat to curl up in. Place a small side table next to it for your drink of choice and reading materials. Be sure you have good lighting, natural from a window is ideal, but adding a floor lamp or table lamp is also a great idea for after dark enjoyment. For extra coziness add a fur throw and/or some cheery accent pillows. Now curl up and enjoy a moment all to yourself.

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2. Bring Nature Indoors

Although #stayathome doesn’t mean no outdoor time, it definitely means less. So bringing the outdoors in is a great way to promote wellness at home. Open your curtains to let in natural light. If it’s warm enough open your window and doors to let in the fresh air as well. You can also bring the outdoors in with flowers and plants. Or if you are looking for a more permanent home update, look for nature-inspired decor or furnishings featuring natural materials.

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3. Declutter!

Nothing weighs down an interior more than clutter! So get your declutter on and maximize your #stayathome hours by cleaning house! Pick one place to start and slowly pick away, you don’t need to do it all at once. Maybe start in your closet? Or that junk drawer in your kitchen? Go item by item and really contemplate whether you need it in your life.

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4. Rearrange Your Furniture

Flip your living room, move your bed, think about new ways to arrange your furniture to maximize flow and openness. Moving your furniture around will not only keep you busy it will also help give your home a new vibe.

5. Maximize Your Art

Step one, take inventory of the art, photographs, and tabletop accessories you have throughout your home. You can count mirrors in this too! Step two, find new ways to arrange what you have. Maybe move a piece from one room to another. Or put some pieces together to create a new gallery display. Step three, add new art. Maybe you have some old frames laying around you can fill? Or some photo prints you can use to update frames you already have on display. Feeling creative? Paint something new yourself. Get crafty with clay. Or if you have kids, get them involved.

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6. Pay Special Attention to Lighting

Whether natural or artificial, lighting is key to promoting wellness in your home. Light creates ambiance and can really change the mood of an interior quite drastically. Work with what you have for natural light, letting it in as you can by opening curtains and windows during the day. When it comes to artificial light, think about the placement of each of your table and floor lamps – do you have enough? What if you used a different bulb color?

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7. Add New Pieces from In-stock Sources

While assessing all of the #stayathome redecorating tips above perhaps you discovered you would like to add some new pieces? For quick gratification check out online sources with products in-stock. Many sources are even offering special discounts right now to keep business flowing so it’s a great time to buy! Love our publisher KOKET? Check out the special deals KOKET is offering on both new in-stock items and outlet pieces, all a sure way to bring glamour and excitement to your interior.

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8. Achieve Zen Through Scent

Last but certainly not least, and perhaps one of the quickest and easiest ways to create a calm and positive environment in your home—add scent. Light a candle, open a diffuser, or turn on a scented oil humidifier.

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We hope these tips help you out as you #stayathome! Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay positive!

Words by Anna Beck Bimba