The Craftsmen Behind Handmade Furniture Brands Like KOKET Need Our Support

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As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to spread its toll across industries continues to rise. The master craftsmen and artisans of the world, a group dear to us at Lh, are being hit extremely hard. These men and women who work daily to produce handmade stunning works of furniture art rely on brands like the luxury decor brand KOKET for their wellbeing. And the pandemic upon us has put their livelihood in jeopardy. Not only is this devasting on a personal level for each and every one of them. But if they can not continue to pass down their artisanal knowledge their arts are in danger of extinction.

In an effort to support their talented craftsmen, KOKET is working hard to remind the public of the value of the human hand. And the importance of supporting all craftspeople around the world in any way possible.

koket in support of handmade furniture craftsman during coronavirus pandemic

KOKET’s Love for Craftsmanship

A love for haute craftsmanship and the finest materials is at the heart of KOKET. Each statement object of desire in the brand’s furniture collection is handmade by master craftsmen and artisans in Portugal. A talented group that takes great pride in their crafts. KOKET, like many product and service brands that support small practices and individuals who offer unique expertise, has always supported its master craftsmen, but now more than ever the cause must be publicized.

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The Importance of Supporting Handmade Furniture Makers

Fostering a cultural movement built around the values that are essential for the work of craftsmen is now top of mind for KOKET. Along with the 1000s of other similar businesses in danger of losing the art of haute craftsmanship due to COVID-19. Craftsmen have been part of the economic and cultural fabric of countries like Portugal for centuries, providing both a rich heritage and a competitive advantage in a global world. This is something lovers of beauty, detail and art must pay attention to now more than ever. 

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The Sustainable Side of Handmade Furniture

Aside from the livelihood of the makers, beautifully handcrafted products are one of a kind works of art to be treasured for generations to come. Whether carving, casting metal, lacquering, sewing, tufting, pleating, or welting, the craftsmen behind KOKET and other renowned furniture brands who employ handmade makers craft each piece they work on with the utmost care to ensure they stand the test of time. A stark comparison to machine-made furniture which breaks after a few years of use. This makes masterfully crafted furniture sustainable in many ways as it is far from part of our vast throwaway society. So we cannot let their knowledge and skills die!

A Plea

Help us support all the amazing craftspeople around the world! Sharing this message and if possible of course purchase from the brands who support them!