10 Ideas to Spice Up the Bedroom

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With all of the craziness going on in the world, staying home is the socially responsible thing to do. And what better way to spend your time in quarantine than getting kinky with your partner? These 10 ideas to spice up the bedroom are sure to keep you entertained while keeping your relationship on track!

Sex is a great way to connect with your partner during a crisis. Sexual intimacy, especially orgasm, promotes bonding and reduces stress (which we are all feeling during this pandemic!)

If you are doing a 14-day quarantine or are practicing social distancing, we hope you’re having lots of sex. Sometimes you’ll feel hot and heavy with your lover and other times Netflix will sound more appealing than going through the motions of routine.

Banish bad sex from your bedroom during quarantine and start exploring new kinks and desires with your partner. Here are 10 ideas to spice up the bedroom that’ll have you excited to get naked.

10 Ideas to Spice Up the Bedroom

1. Play Show and Tell

It may sound basic, but show and tell is the perfect segue into naughty sex. Why? Because it teases your partner when you show them where and how you like to be touched. It also teaches them what you like in bed without it seeming like a lecture.

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2. Film It

Embrace your inner film star and record your lovemaking session. Seeing yourself doing the dirty deed is going to be a major turn-on.

Getting frisky in front of a camera will make you feel like a rule-breaker like you have a sexy-secret that nobody knows about!

Safety tip: Delete the video afterward. Yes, it’s hot! But you never know when a hacker might strike and make your private video available online for all to see.

3. Dirty Talk

Dirty talk isn’t for everyone, but when done right it can be one of the most erotic experiences ever. You don’t have to be foul-mouthed to get your point across, either. Sometimes a simple “Yes, daddy” or “You’re making me so…” can be just as effective as a full-blown word fantasy.

Don’t limit dirty talk to sex. Use it to stimulate your partner outside of the bedroom. Why not play a little game of ‘Remember when we…’ through text to get your spouse hot and bothered? Or tell them what you want to do to them. 

4. Truth or Dare

If you’re into kinky sex ideas but want to start slow, why not play a little truth or dare? Ask your spouse what turns them on, dare them to spank you, ask what the best sex they’ve ever had is, dare them to try something they’ve never done before, like some light BDSM.

Not sure where to start? Check out these sexy questions to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend. Starting with naughty open-ended questions can really get the ball rolling.

5. Roleplay in Private

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Roleplay is an exciting way to get kinky with your spouse. You can be anyone and put yourself in any situation, no matter how ‘wrong’ or dangerous it might seem. Some roleplay sex ideas include:

  • Scientists conducting important research
  • Last two people on earth (even more fun if you pretend you can’t stand each other!)
  • Loyal soldier captures sexy resistance member
  • Maid and butler
  • Doctor and patient
  • Naughty neighbors
  • Professor and college student
  • Strangers
  • Babysitter and single parent
  • Experiment with age play

6. Read Something Erotic Together

Some couples watch erotic movies together, but if that isn’t your thing, there’s still a way you can stimulate each other without doing something that’s going to make you feel jealous, self-conscious, or grossed out – fiction!

There is plenty of free erotic fiction online that will have you and your spouse feeling all steamy. Take turns reading sexy stories to one another or act out what you’re reading as you read it.

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7. Make a Plan for Future Sex

The world is at a standstill right now, but it won’t always be this way. Why not make a sexy plan for your future naughty endeavors?

For example, once you master roleplaying in the bedroom, why not take it to dry land and roleplay with your spouse out in public?

Choose what characters you want to be; for example, a traveling businessman and a college senior, and meet up at a bar (movie theater, local festival, etc.) as those characters. Pretend you are meeting for the first time. Make up different backgrounds and professions and talk and flirt with each other to see if you can successfully seduce them.

Or maybe you want to get risky and frisky in public? Have you ever touched your partner under the table at a restaurant? Ground against your partner while you’re scantily clad at the beach?

Not only is making a list of future sex ideas exciting, but it also gives couples something to look forward to, post-coronavirus.

8. Create a ‘Sex Challenge’

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Thinking up new sex challenges is a fun and easy way to throw a little kink into the bedroom. Some great ideas to spice up the bedroom include:

  • Buy a book of sex positions and try at least three new ones each week
  • See who can get the other off faster
  • Have sex every day for a month
  • See how long you can kiss and touch before you have to rip each other’s clothes off (try to make it to twenty minutes!)
  • See who can make the hotter sex-playlist
  • Have sex with as many pieces of clothes on as possible. This is one of those sex ideas that makes the act feel naughty and spontaneous.
  • Make new positions or moves possible by adding sex furniture to your bedroom.

9. Have a Full Night of Foreplay 

Sex is definitely the main event of an intimate encounter, but sometimes we rush to it so quickly that we forget about the magic of foreplay.

Take intercourse off the table and have a fun night of foreplay with your partner. Discover new ways to kiss, touch, and tease each other.

Not only is this a great way to spend an evening, but the Journal of Sexy & Marital Therapy suggests it’s more likely to get a female partner off than intercourse alone.

10. Try New Things

Remember, sex is supposed to be fun!

If you’re not comfortable with something, by all means, don’t feel like you have to do it just to try and be spontaneous in the bedroom. But don’t be afraid to try new things, either. A good comfortable place to start for many people is a vibrator.

Look up new positions, touch each other, surprise your partner by waking them up with oral, make an at-home sex tape for your eyes only. The list is as long as your imagination allows!

These kinky sex ideas to spice up the bedroom will help make your quarantine more fun and exciting. Don’t be afraid to get outside of your comfort zone in the bedroom. Play naughty games, roleplay, and dirty talk to your heart’s delight. And remember, communication with your partner will help you navigate any bumps along the way. Now go have some kinky sex!

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