Improve Your Beauty Routine at Home

Now that we have extra time on our hands due to the current world situation and we’re spending most of our time at home, we should not forget to take care of ourselves. We must keep our beauty routine in check so we feel our best. Not only our normal routine but how about also doing more and doing all the things we always say we never have time for.

How to Improve Your Beauty Routine at Home

Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Usually, you should do this task at least once a month. We know sometimes this is far from priority and many of us never have time for this. But now is the time! Makeup brushes accumulate many bacterias as they are exposed to air, dirt, and dust. Clean them with water and soap. After that, let them dry on a towel.

As you are cleaning them, make sure you also disinfect all your makeup and the bags where you store them with an alcohol-based solution.

Improve your Beauty Routine at Home: Clean your makeup brushes
Photo by Taisiia Shestopal on Unsplash

Organize Your Makeup

As you clean your makeup you can also organize your products in the way you always wanted but never had the time! First, split the products you can’t live without and the ones you bought but don’t love (sometimes it happens). Organize the ones you love and put the ones you will probably never use in a bag to give to charity, or to someone from your family.

Research and Buy Online

Now that you can’t go to physical shops, your best friend from now on will be your computer. Besides this, there are plenty of beauty products that you can only purchase online anyway. So, take this time to do some research and investigate some new cosmetic brands. This way you’re also being kind to people and helping them with their businesses!

Things to Do at Home during Coronavirus Quarantine

Do Every Kind of Beauty Mask

Almost all beauty masks require like 15 until 30 minutes of chill. Probably, you didn’t have that time in your daily routine before. Now, you can do it, and even if you’re working (do it during your breaks). There are so many, for the hair, for the lips, for the face, for hands and feet. So, why not do one each day? This will also help you reduce stress.

Give Yourself a Manicure

Improve your Beauty Routine at Home: do your own manicure
Photo by Tiko Giorgadze on Unsplash

Wash and hydrate your hands and take care of your nails. Now we must avoid hairdressers, so it’s time to do your nails on your own! Remove the cuticles and use a hardener varnish. If you don’t like color on your nails, due to your work, for example, take this time to step out of your comfort zone. Maybe you’ll be positively surprised by the result! We all could use a little color in our lives!

We hope you enjoy our tips to improve your beauty routine. Stay safe and #StayAtHome

Words by Rita Archer