Fashionable and Functional: 3 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Plants

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Decorating with plants is an effective way to transform your home to feel bright, lively and beautiful. Something we could all use a whole lot of right now! When bringing plants into the home, often the first thing that comes to mind is flowers on a table. However, there are plenty of savvy ways that you can add another dimension to your home using indoor greenery. That’s why today, we’re discussing how you can decorate your home with plants to bring life and color into your space. From creating an internal jungle with ferns to bringing in minimalist vibes with Scandi-style succulents, we’ll cover it all, leaving you ready to experiment and add new layers to your home with beautiful, natural greenery.

Create an Exquisite Internal Jungle

Plants are not only great for adding a fresh feel to your space. According to research, plants are proven to reduce stress and instill a sense of wellbeing. Being close to greenery can help us feel more at ease with our surroundings and can even improve air quality. So, if embracing the goodness of plant-life sounds like something that you could benefit from, why not create your own internal jungle?

Floor Plants

deliciosa chair by koket - decorate with plants

Floor plants are one of the easiest ways to decorate with plants. Deliciosa Chair by KOKET

Floor plants are a great way to fill up any empty corners that are too small for a piece of furniture. While a chair or cabinet may feel like it’s consuming the space, a floor plant could be the perfect ingredient that completes the room. If you have a large space, creating an internal jungle is a great way to bring in some freshness without overpowering the dynamics of the room. However, it’s important to bear in mind the height of your furniture when choosing your floor plant, as if your furniture is close to the ground and your floor plants touch the ceiling, it could create an overpowering impression.

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Living Plant Wall

luxury living room with living plant wall - decorate with plants by Ramzy Alaa

A living plant wall is a great way to add green! Interior design by Ramzy Alaa

To decorate your home with plants without compressing the height of the room, opt for a living plant wall – otherwise known as a green wall. Not only is it sure to look Pinterest-pretty, but these types of walls are an effective way of bringing life into your home. Living wall planters can be fitted onto any wall and can easily be tailored to suit the size of your space, making them a perfect, striking interior touch for every home – whether that’s a swanky new-build apartment or a more classic, semi-detached home. What’s more, you can personalize them with plants to match your interior decor, from purple petticoats to snowdrops – allowing you to create your own vertical garden masterpiece.

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Opt for Scandi-style Minimalism

Scandi-style has been on trend for many years, becoming somewhat a timeless choice for interior designers. A Scandinavian interior typically involves layers of white and grey mixed with pale wood, and of course, lots of lavish greenery.

scandi-style design with plants - Photo by Minh Pham / Unsplash

If you are looking to do more than just add plants to your interior opt for Scandi-style minimalism. Photo by Minh Pham / Unsplash

From elegant ferns to potted aloe vera plants and unusual succulents, plants are an effective way to brighten a minimalist color scheme and have the ability to add both texture and color to your interior. Staging still life with succulents is a great way to hone in on that all-important cohesive color pallette, without overpowering the minimalist vibe. Ultimately, succulents offer the freedom for you to match the pots with other aspects of your home design such as different patterns and colors, making them a powerful way to create a decorative statement when simply propped on top of a streamlined shelving display.

potted succulents - Photo by Skyla Design / Unsplash

Potted succulents are a great way to decorate your home with plants. Photo by Skyla Design / Unsplash

If you’re feeling creative, consider planting multiple plants in one larger pot for an eye-catching feature. To make it easier to maintain your feature pot of plants, buy many of the same plant (or at least plants that require similar maintenance) to create a full display that looks impressive and exciting. To hone in on the Scandi-theme, choose containers that create a sleek and clean aesthetic against leafy plants.

Add a Touch of Personality

If you’re an avid up-cycler or are feeling particularly creative, why not design your own planters to add a little personality to your interior design? From painting your own pots to making use of an old sink, gone are the days of reaching for a glass vase in your cupboard.

With sustainability in mind, a great way to style your greenery is to make use of old furniture from second-hand shops. From carts on wheels to clear glass terrariums, there are plenty of ways to add some more dimension to your home without breaking the bank or harming the environment. Pots of different shapes and colors can look great when presented together, so if you are an avid DIY-er, don’t be afraid to mix up your designs and present them alongside each other to create your own plant corner. Whether you’re displaying tiny pots on the floor or long hanging plants, there’s plenty of ways to make your home feel bright with plants.

dyi planters - succulents in glass terrarium Photo by Fallon Michael / Unsplash

Photo by Fallon Michael / Unsplash

With our tips, we hope that you’ll be on your way to enhancing your space with some green living. From potted succulents to hanging plants on shelves, there’s some decorative plant creativity to match every interior design, whether that’s Scandi-style or a home jungle. So, what are you waiting for? Start selecting your succulents today.

Feature Image: Dripping Gold Concrete Planter by AUDENZA

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