Ask Lh: How to Find Inner Peace During This Pandemic

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Question: How can I work to find inner peace during this pandemic?

Answer: It’s serious and it’s big; it’s made its presence known over the airwaves, news stations, and even become the highlight of our conversations. The coronavirus. Most of us find it nearly impossible to think about anything else. We’ve become so conscious of the threat that we are paralyzed with fear.

While fear can be our own personal alarm to indicate trouble, it can also serve as a debilitating anxiety that corrupts our peace. Fear magnifies, creates negative cognitive behavior, and impacts our quality of life. While unfortunate circumstances may have led to fear, knowing the facts may just lead to the answer on how to find your own inner peace.

How to Find Inner Peace During This Pandemic

Have you ever shined a flashlight in a dark area? The light didn’t create anything new but revealed what was already there. Our lives have always been priceless and unpredictable. But often we forget that fact by how we live our day-to-day. We’re consumed with work, put relationships on the back burner, and sometimes don’t prioritize our mental and physical health.

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As scary as the coronavirus may appear; it is our flashlight. It shines the light on our priorities and causes us to take inventory of our lives. One flip of a coin and this monstrous pandemic becomes a glorious opportunity. When is the last time you put others first? Why not call that relative that you haven’t spoken to in years? Why haven’t you started that business that you desire?

You haven’t answered these questions because you’ve never asked them until now. Let this crisis be the beginning of the rest of your life with a little bit of self-reflection on the following things:

1. Quality Over Quantity

We all want a long and prosperous life, but we put way more emphasis on longevity and not enough on the quality of our lives.

2. Engaging with Family

We take our loved ones for granted and don’t maximize our opportunities to show them that we love them.

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Finding the Silver Lining in a Time of Uncertainty

3. Physical and Mental Health

If we don’t take proper care of ourselves, we inhibit our own growth and our impact on others.

4. Discover Your Purpose

Learn about who you are and why you are here. Refuse to just exist, but live!

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