Master How to Look Good in a Video Call

Typically, when you’re having a video call with your team, or with clients, the biggest challenge is getting over the initial discomfort. However, this can be a very powerful tool. It helps build stronger relationships with your costumers, and team, especially in this crisis that we’re living. Read on for key tips on how to look good in a video call.

How to Master the Best Video Call Look

Dress to Impress

Dress the same for video as you would for in-person meetings. Try to avoid patterns, stripes, and plaids. Instead, go for solid and bolds colors. Always check your appearance after you log in to the meeting. Check your teeth, hair, and makeup. Don’t forget to put your smile on!

Choose a Location with Good Lighting

Open your shades and let the natural light come in. But don’t let the light hit your back because, in that way, your face will be overshadowed. And, your screen can give you a boost of lighting as well. You just have to adjust the screen brightness. Our advice is to always test the lighting before your video call, you don’t want to look like Casper the Ghost!

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Mind Your Background

After starting your meeting, it’s really important to check and make sure you don’t have a giant pile of dirty clothes behind you. It can happen to everyone, but you want to look at your best in front of your clients or your team. You will want to look professional, just as you do when you are in your office. The best background probably is a neutral one. In this case, less is more, in a professional way.

To wrap it up, always make sure you check your light, your clothes and also your background!

Also, if you have kids or animals who can’t avoid you during the conference call, lock your office door and let your family now that you’re in an important meeting. This will help you avoid any embarrassing moments.

Words by Rita Archer