5 Striking Neutral Room Ideas

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While some think of neutral colors as boring, they will never go out of style which actually makes them a timeless choice that you can’t really go wrong with. The neutral palette of white, beige, taupe, gray and black offers endless options when it comes to interior design. Whether you are looking for a warm or cool atmosphere, neutral colors can be used alone or as a timeless background for pops of color. Neutrals also work with any style whether modern, traditional or something in between. So don’t underestimate the power of neutrals and let these five ideas for creating a stunning neutral room help you create a striking interior design.

5 Striking Neutral Room Ideas

1. Mix Neutrals with the Rest of the Color Wheel

One of the best ways to create excitement with neutrals is to use them as a background – think neutral walls paired with neutral upholstery. Then add pops of color. Colorful accent pillows. A colorful pouf like the Seville by KKbyKOKET, either in full-on color or just a touch of color on top with the bottom carrying on a neutral palette. Accessories, lighting, and drapery are another great way to add pops of color to a neutral backdrop.

neutral room ideas in a playful interior by elicyon
Interior design featuring pops of color in an otherwise neutral room by Elicyon

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2. Be Bold with Black

While black is technically considered a neutral, by mixing black with the softer neutral colors like white, tan and taupe you can create a truly striking space. Try a black accent wall or a small piece of black upholstery like a chair or daybed. Black accents can create dramatic pops in a neutral space, so again think accent pillows, lighting or go for a chic black wood finish on your chairs or tables.

hypnotic chandelier and prive day bed by koket - neutral room ideas

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3. Don’t Forget Metallics Are Neutrals

If you want to create glamour with a neutral palette adding metallics will do the trick. Warm metallics like gold and bronze or cool metallics like pewter and silver are a fabulous way to create allure while staying within the neutral color family. And don’t just think about metal lighting or furniture, a stunning metallic textile as shown on KOKET’s Luscious Sofa is a great way to bring in metallics.

Neutral room design by Perianth Interior Design (Photo by Nathaniel Johnston Photography)
Neutral room design by Perianth Interior Design (Photo by Nathaniel Johnston Photography)

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4. Layer & Blend

Neutrals can definitely be boring if all the surfaces and pieces take on the same tones and textures. But one of the beautiful things about neutrals is how they show off texture and pattern allowing the same color to take on a completely different feel. So when designing with neutrals layer and blend tones, textures, and materials for added excitement. Layering can be done throughout the space or by choosing a single piece like KOKET’s Untamed Console shown below which features a variety of neutral textures, shades, and materials all in one statement design.

untamed console by koket

5. Bring in Nature

Neutral tones are also often called earth tones as these natural shades come in abundance in nature. So what better way to add dimension to a neutral space than with natural materials. Think raffia, stone, and wood. All these materials can be brought in through flooring, wall coverings, or with furniture and lighting. And don’t limit yourself to pieces made of just one natural material or with only a rustic appearance. Designs like the Fleur Nightstand by KOKET that features a sheen lacquered finish and whimsical stylized floral wood marquetry is a unique and glamorous way to bring nature in.

fleur nightstand and rouche lamp by koket - neutral home decor