The Best Workout Apps to Get Fit at Home

While all non-essential businesses like gyms and studios are closed for an undetermined time…No gym? No problem! Keeping your workout routine at home can be easy with the best workout apps.

Exercising is a great distraction, and one that keeps our mind occupied and relaxed. It also helps boost our immune systems. The best part of exercising at home is that you can do it in any space of the house: your garden, your living room, your bedroom. And now, you can’t find excuses not to train: you have time, space, clothes, and apps to help you.

The Best Workout Apps to Get Fit at Home

Barre Body Online

Barre Body has been the leading fitness brand in Australia. They have 10 studios in their home country and now they have an online app to help your training. Here you’ll find over 150 videos, from short stretch sequences to 60-minute toning classes. They offer a free 5-day trial plan.

Nike Training Club

The Best workout apps: girl training at home
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The Nike Training Club app is headed by Nike Master Trainers and it gives you access to more than 190 workouts for free, from strength and endurance to mobility and yoga. In the app, you can choose several training plans, depending on your goals. Besides this, NTC also offers nutritional tips from experts. The best part is that is free!

Freeletics – Training Coach

Either you want to keep your good shape, gain muscles, or lose some weight, the Freeletics app includes a series of Training Journeys that adapt to your goals and ability. You also have here free workshops and premium access to Customized Coaching. The customized coaching gives you access to a personal trainer who creates a training plan specified for you.

Adidas Training by Runtastic

The Adidas Training app by Runtastic is free to download and use, however, some features, such as specific training plans, are unlocked only with the purchase of a Premium Membership. It has more than 30 workouts and 190 exercises you can choose from based upon your goals and the level of difficulty that you’re looking for.

8Fit: Workouts & Meal Planner

With 8Fit you can enjoy quick workout routines combined with a healthy meal planner, made just for you. The app accompanies the progress of each user in both ways. All you can need now, in just one app!

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Alo Moves

With a free 4-day trial period, the Alo Moves app includes hundreds of videos focused on yoga, fitness, and mindfulness. From meditation to pilates, each week there are new exercises you can do.

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Centr by Chris Hemsworth

Centr is a personalized health and fitness app that gives you access to Chris Hemsworth’s team so you can train, eat, and live better. Your weekly planner is the heart of Centr. Scroll through your week, or swipe to swap activities. Get new workouts, recipes, and life hacks weekly. Simple to use and easy to follow. You have access to a 7-day free trial.

Hope you liked our selection of the best workout apps. If there are any you love that we missed, comment below!

Words by Rita Archer