3 Expert Interior Styling Tips for Statement Homewares

Poole Pottery Statement Homewares Interior Styling Tips

From interesting shapes to colourful prints, you can easily give any space a lift with bright and bold accessories. Here, Richard Eaton, Design Director at Poole Pottery, gives his expert interior styling tips for statement pieces.

Whether it’s a colorful vase, vibrant lighting, or a large painting, a high-quality, statement piece can instantly transform your home into a stylish haven. These accessories are usually used to draw the eye to the most focal areas in your room. But, when styling your bold and beautiful homewares, it’s important you get it right to achieve the full effect. To help you get the most out of your interior décor, I’ll be giving you top tips for styling a statement piece in your home.

Poole Pottery Ocean Interior Styling Tips

Pick the right placement

You’ll want your statement piece to demand attention, so make sure you place it in a key area of your space. Think about where in the room people will be spending the most time, or where in the room you’d like to draw attention to. For example, you could place it near your comfortable seating area, impressive fireplace, or grand dining table to achieve the most effect.

You’ll also want to think about size and scale. Large pieces, like huge paintings, lamps, and vases, can be placed near bigger pieces of furniture, as it’s unlikely that they’ll dwarf the piece. However, if you’ve opted for a smaller piece that packs a punch, try to combine it with other small homewares and away from larger furniture and accessories to achieve the right balance.

Getting the right placement might take a few tries, so keep stepping back and taking a look at the room to make sure your piece is having the effect you want it to.

Making a Statement with Dramatic Furniture Pieces

Complement your colour scheme

You’ll want your statement homewares to stand out but decorating your room in similar colours can cause your furniture or accessories to fade into the background. Instead, try to avoid having everything matching, and pick one or two complementary accent colours that will enhance the piece instead. If it’s a bright and bold ornament, painting your walls in toned-down, neutral hues like white or beige can really make your furniture or accessory stand out.

To keep everything looking cohesive, you might want to add a few extra, muted accents around the rest of the room. For example, you could consider some scatter cushions in similar hues to those on your statement piece. Try to space these accents out as much as you can to avoid certain areas looking too cluttered.

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Avoid competing elements

It’s likely that your statement piece is bold and stylish, so you’ll want to make sure your room is co-ordinated without any clashing. This means keeping everything in a similar style, whether that’s modern or more traditional, and avoiding any other statement pieces that could compete. Try to accessorise with smaller, less ornate homewares to keep everything looking balanced and let your statement piece shine the way you intend it to.

Adding a bold accessory is the ideal way to transform your space. By following the interior styling tips in this guide, you can style your statement piece perfectly.