Best Instagram Accounts to Inspire Your Home Cooking

Instagram is a great place to find inspiration, no matter what you’re looking for. Currently, many people are at home, possibly frustrated, with nothing to do and plenty of time. Why not step up your game and improve your cooking skills?? Get ready to surprise your friends and family when all of this is over and get inspired by this list of some of the best Instagram accounts to inspire your home cooking!

Best Instagram Accounts to Inspire Your Home Cooking

Julius Roberts @telltalefood

top instagram accounts: teltalefood
A very light and lovely risotto to celebrate the start of asparagus season.
Photo via @telltalefood

Julius is a cook, farmer, and gardener. All of the pictures on his Instagram are worth looking at, but the food is to die for. He is passionate about the slow food movement, with a focus on sustainability and animal welfare.

Alexandra Dudley @alexandradudley

Top Instagram Accounts: Alexandradudley
Courgette, Pea, Feta and Filo Tart
Photo via @alexandradudley

Colorful salads, banana bread, homemade granola, healthy and beautiful recipes are what you can expect to see here.

Ashley Marti @localhaven

Top Instagram Accounts:  localhaven
Photo via @ localhaven

This profile is the perfect source of cooking inspiration. Ashley reinvents various recipes, simplifies, and turns them absolutely appetizing. The feed is so beautiful, that you can get lost in there for hours!

Anna Hedworth  @cookhouse_anna

top instagram accounts: coockhouse_anna
Lamb chops on the BBQ
Photo via @cookhouse_anna

Cook, restaurateur, and author Anna’s simple and rustic meals are stunning and worth replicating to impress someone.

Jenny Park and Teri Lyn Fisher @spoonforkbacon

Spicy Marinated Pork Belly Hand Rolls
Photo via @spoonforkbacon

Jenny (food stylist) and Teri (photographer) are the perfect duo with three cookbooks already on their belly.

Tempted by Design in the Kitchen

Shelly Westerhausen @vegetarianventures

Sabich Inspired Hummus Bowl that is packed full of veggies
Photo via @vegetarianventures

Shelly is a vegan cooking queen. If you’re a full vegan already (or even if you’re not), this profile will give you endless ways to re-invent green stuff and get inspired.

Diane Morrisey @dianemorrisey

Eggs baked in Veggie Nests
Photo via @dianemorrisey

Diane is a mom of 6, so if she can do it and has time for it, you can also! A picture is worth a thousand words, right? We just looked at this and wanted to copy and paste it into our belly!


top instagram accounts: food52
Overstuffed chicken and broccoli quesadillas
Photo via @food52

Here you can find daily, different tastes and cuisines. We wish we could taste them all.

Sarah @thedelicious

top instagram accounts: thedelicious
Brunch Board
Photo via @thedelicious

This profile feed is so beautiful, colorful, and tempting that it was really hard to find just one image to feature here. Sarah’s recipes prove that sometimes you don’t need the most expensive ingredients. It’s all about creativity and sometimes you can just mix and combine what you have at home.

Rachel Gurjar @rachelgurjar

Top Instagram accounts: rachelgurjar
Peppermint Tiramisu
Photo via @rachelgurjar

Everybody’s got their poison, and mine is sugar! But don’t worry, in this profile, you will not only see desserts. Actually, Rachel specializes in modern and Indian-inspired dishes. So, if you’re an Indian food lover, this is a must-see!

Tieghan Gerard @halfbakedharvest

Top Instagram Accounts: @halfbakedharvest
Garlic Butter Creamed Spinach Salmon.
Photo via @halfbakedharvest

The recipes might seem easy and simple, but they’re also stunning. And I’m pretty sure they are delicious as well.

I confess it was pretty hard to select all of these pictures, because I guarantee you, if you look at the best Instagram accounts to inspire your home cooking that we have included here, you’ll fall in love with everything! Enjoy and stay safe!

Words by Rita Archer