Words of Wisdom: You Are What You Feed Your Mind

woman's hands holding cell phone you are what you feed your mind

It’s 7:00 am. You roll over to grab your phone and see you have 42 Facebook notifications. You scroll through your timeline so fast you’re only able to read the headlines, but slow enough to capture the images in your head. “12 shootings overnight” …… “Death toll climbs from virus” ……” Hackers steal private information” …….and so on. Before you know it, it’s 7:25 and you’re late getting ready for work.

Too much of anything can be a bad thing, even if that thing is a good thing. Even social media platforms provide ways for us to manage our “feeds”. With everything constantly fighting for our attention, it’s necessary that you filter what you feed your mind. What have you been watching lately or listening to?

In the COVID-19 world, it’s hard to escape the constant updates on conditions, scientific revelations, and fatalities. Amidst all the reports, you forget that the higher percentage of the population has either not contracted it or has recovered. That’s because our brains remember repetition and soon forget things far and few in between.  

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Being informed is essential but overindulging in negative information around the clock will lead to increased anxiety and panic.

Consider the following when you feed your mind:

What comes in must come out

If you are investing in negative, fear-mongering information it will be prevalent in your thinking, your speech, and your way of life. You will mirror the commentary, imagery, and synopsis of which you have seen and heard from the days before.

Shape your perspective

What you have consistently deposited into your mind begins to subconsciously shape your perspective and world view. It doesn’t have to be more factual, more prevalent, or even more common information in order for it to dominate your reality. What does your world look like? Does it look like the 6:00 news?

Manage what you feed your mind

On our timeline of life, we will always be offered “feeds”. They distract us, entice us, intrigue us, and draw us in. But we choose what we eat and what we throw away. You are what you eat. So ask yourself, what is feeding you?

Words of Wisdom Series by Jada Ledbetter