30 Pieces of Hand Decor to Make an Interior Statement

goddess mirror detail - brass hands - hand decor koket

Looking to add something meaningful to your interior? How about a touch of hand decor to serve as a reminder of this small yet mighty part of life we often take for granted!

From serving our basic needs to creating and expressing words and emotions, imagine life without hands!

We shake them in greeting (well pre-COVID-19 anyways!). We “lend a hand” to help others. Our fingers interlock in loving and secure handholds, whether with children or lovers. In anger, we curl our fingers tightly into a ball. Then with a slight mind shift, that same clenched hand becomes an expression of strength and power. Flash the middle finger for a sometimes necessary f*** you, thumbs up for an a-okay, wave hello, applaud in congratulations, and pinky-swear to seal a promise. With so many meanings and uses, it is no wonder, the hands are one of the most symbolized parts of the human body.

Love the power of hands? We scoured the web in search of beautiful and inspiring pieces of statement hand decor. So scroll on and enjoy some of our favorite finds!

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