6 Fashion Trends From the 60s That Are Back in Style

60s style round sunglasses FENDI Round Crystal-Trim Metal Sunglasses

Fashion trends come in and out of season constantly, but 60s style clothing and accessories have played a big role in the fashion world since their debut. Many of the fashion trends of today have been heavily inspired by the risk-taking fashionistas of the 60s.

This is not specific to any particular brand, season, or price range. Low-budget retailers, the most luxurious brands on the planet, and every option in between have been influenced heavily by the iconic trends set over half a century ago.

From pillbox hats to 60s style dresses, here are some of the many 60’s fashion trends that are in style today.

1) Go-go Boots

Go-go boots were first introduced in the mid-60s. As defined in 1964 by the late French fashion designer André Courrèges, they are white, mid-calf, and low-heeled.

The Yuliana 60 Boot by Stuart Weitzman - gogo boots - 60s fashion trends
The Yuliana 60 Boot by Stuart Weitzman

These boots are now widely worn in 2020 thanks to their timeless style. Some of the options available are a modern take with a nod to the original look, while others are classic renditions of the iconic original design. Either way, it’s hard to go wrong with a killer pair of go-go boots.

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2) Neck Scarves

Any television show that’s set in the 60s, like Mad Men, uses the era’s most iconic accessories and clothing to convey the time to the audience. Neck scarves are one of the main staples for doing this. They’re a cute, simple accessory that adds so much to a look, which is why they have transcended time and remain a trendy accessory today.

Silk scarf by Pochette Square - 60s fashion trends
‘Back from the Orchard’ Silk scarf by Pochette Square

3) Pillbox Hats

When you think of pillbox hats, chances are you see an image of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, better known as Jackie O. She was the FLOTUS to President John F. Kennedy while he was in office in the 60s prior to his assassination.

Jacqueline Kennedy Jackie O arriving at Love Field, Dallas, Texas wearing a pillbox hat - 60s fashion
“Jackie O” arriving at Love Field, Dallas, Texas wearing a pillbox hat
(Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

Jackie was, and still is, regarded as a pillar of culture and fashion. She often wore a pillbox hat to tie together her iconic outfits, making it no mystery why they’re still such a trendy statement piece today with celebrities like Meghan Markle.

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4) Vintage/Retro Dresses

The 60s saw some of the most beautiful, timeless dress designs in fashion history. There are mod dresses, shift dresses, figure & curve-hugging dresses, floral dresses, and so many more that are in style today.

RETROFETE Wayne Belted Metallic Cocktail Dress
RETROFETE Wayne Belted Metallic Cocktail Dress

This decade had a dress style for everyone, and it was an era of fashion risk-taking and experimentation. So, thanks to the fashionistas of the past who made these trends a reality, the world is your oyster when looking for the perfect 60s-inspired dress for your body, style, and budget.

VALENTINO Logo-Printed Silk Shift Dress - 60s style shift dress
VALENTINO Logo-Printed Silk Shift Dress

5) Pearl Jewelry

Something you’ll notice in a lot of 60’s inspired looks is the use of pearl jewelry, particularly with an oversized look. This trend was all the rage six decades ago, and the same can be said about today.

Pearls are a gorgeous accessory that add class to any look, as well as timeless elegance and grace. If you’re not ready for a full 60’s outfit, why not give the decade a nod with some pearl jewelry?

woman wearing pearl necklace - 60s style

6) Rounded Oversized Sunglasses

In the 60s the motto was: the bigger the shades, the better! This has continued on and off for generations. While some people prefer the tiny glasses trend, many are still here for the more timeless, oversized look. These are especially great for when you want to pop out of the house and can’t be bothered with a full face of makeup.

Rounded sunglasses can be dressed up or down, making them suitable and stylish for any and all occasions (assuming the sun is out).

FENDI Round Crystal-Trim Metal Sunglasses - 60s style
FENDI Round Crystal-Trim Metal Sunglasses

Which Style Will You Choose?

These six fashion trends from the 1960s are only a few of the many that have transcended their original decade and enjoyed a comeback.

There are countless options for you to explore and something for everyone to enjoy, so why not add a few 60’s staples to your wardrobe?