Koktails with KOKET, Quarantine Style

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It’s a chilly day in late Spring, but the strong rays of the sun make for a perfect medium. The time of year where birds sing the loudest and flowers bloom in their various brilliant colors. It’s picturesque, almost reminiscent of a Rembrandt painting. Yet in all its seasonal splendor, reminders of the times are prevalent in the form of masks and gloves. COVID-19 quarantine has canceled the plans of three besties who want nothing more than to be together at this moment. Luckily, one of them has an idea.

Candice sat at her desk in the corner of her bedroom with both legs propped up and crossed. Her laptop to the right and her burnt orange nail polish to the left. She had just polished her pinkie toe when she spotted a mosquito out of the corner of her eye. “Eek, get away get away! She swatted feverishly at it causing her to lose balance and fall backward in her chair projecting both legs in the air. Still focused on the mosquito’s whereabouts she didn’t immediately recognize the sounds of laughter.

Brooke and Miranda joined the virtual Zoom meeting just in time to see Candice “spread eagle” on the floor.

Brooke attempted to catch her breath between the laughter. “Can-Can-Candice what-the-hell-are you doing?! Is there something you want to tell me?”

Miranda giggled covering her mouth. “I know everyone has been a little bored lately….but…you feelin’ ok hun?”

Candice now seated right side up fluffs her peach-colored frilly top. “Ha, ha. Very funny. You all would have reacted the same way if a mosquito was coming for your face.”

Miranda shakes her head playfully. “A mosquito—I should have known.”

“Well, if you didn’t kill it I’m sure you scared it off. Those purple granny panties are like kryptonite.” Brooke added before she and Miranda belly laughed.

“Yes sweetie, please tell me why you don’t have any bottoms on?” Miranda asks.

Candice begins. “Well, I….”

Brooke interrupts. “Ok guys, I’ve almost finished my drink. Let’s talk about these cocktails we made. We can discuss Candice’s bedroom escapades later.”

Brooke laid across her snuggly burgundy sofa dangling her legs over the pillows with her iPad in hand. Burgundy and white drapes hung in her living room. Tall umbrella plants encompassed the corners of the room and two dimly lit sconces sat on opposite ends of a huge mirror. Her face beat with violet eye shadow and a soft natural lip sporting a green spaghetti strap jumper gave “dressing down” a run for its money.

Miranda held her glass up to the camera. “Ok, I guess I’ll start!”

Her white lace embroidered V-neck had not one wrinkle and her loose updo allowed her recently curled locks of hair to nestle her face. Her living room was winter white from her coffee table to her sphere chandelier and her new Spellbound bar cabinet by KOKET.

spellbound bar cabinet by koket - white bar with gold floral accents - quarantine cocktails - koktails with koket

Candice finally gives her full attention to the live video. “Miranda, how in the world do you manage to keep your all-white furniture spotless all year round? I mean every time I see it; I’m amazed.”

Brooke chuckles. “I’ll tell you how. She never lets anyone sit down or touch anything. Last time I was there, I felt like I was in a presidential museum.”

Miranda smirks at Brooke before taking a sip of a pinkish drink in a Y-shaped glass with a lime twist garnish.

“Weeeellll, you know how I’ve been raving about my new Spellbound bar cabinet from that fabulous Portuguese decor brand KOKET? I decided to create a new cocktail in its honor. I call it the Koket Koktail! Miranda held her glass high as if she was presenting a trophy.  Not the easiest drink to make, but so worth the effort! Start with Dorothy Parker Gin, any gin will do but Dorothy Parker is from the New York Distilling Company and it’s soooooo good! Add lime juice, hibiscus simple syrup, and dry Prosecco. And voila!”

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“Mmm tasty, that kind of drink would get me in a lot of trouble,” Candice says.

Brooke smiles. “Yes, I can only imagine you getting so tipsy that you bake cookies for all your neighbors.”

“We all know Candice is a wild child,” Miranda states sarcastically. “Soooo let’s talk about her mystery drink.”

“Well, it’s a sexy classic. Vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and lime juice.”

Brooke yelps. “The Cosmo baby! But why does it look so red?”

“How much juice did you add?” Miranda asks.

“Well, cranberry juice is my main ingredient. I was running low on the lime juice……vodka…….and triple sec.”

“So, you’re drinking a Cos-cranberry juice.” Brooke snickered. “You should’ve asked Randa for liquor, she has a whole distillery in her house.”

Miranda playfully rolls her eyes. “Or you could get it from Brooke. I’m sure she has rewards points with all the local liquor stores. So, Brooke when are you planning on going swimming?”

Brooke looked confused. “When did I say I was going swimming?”

“I can’t help but notice the snorkel mask right behind you,” Miranda responds.

“Ooooh, that. My ex left that here. Now I use it when I go out in public, you know, to keep me safe.”

Miranda, already a little tipsy, belches out a loud laugh but quickly contains herself. “Brooke, why don’t you just wear a regular mask like most people? Instead, you are walking around ready to go deep-sea diving.”

Candice giggles, “Brooke is not most people.”

“Ya’ll just mad because I’m ahead of the game, just watch next month the news will tell everyone to wear snorkels,” Brooke insisted.

Miranda continued laughing. “I wouldn’t bank on it, Brooke. Now can you show us your drink please?”

“Well, I will let you all guess. It has amaretto, simple syrup, and lemon juice.”

“Please tell me it’s not an Amaretto Sour again?” Miranda questioned playfully.

Brooke nods her head. “Absolutely, you know what they say—if it’s not broke you don’t fix it!”

“Well, it may not be broke but it’s time to retire it, sweetie.”

Brooke and Miranda burst into laughter. Immediately after, Candice begins to sob.

“Aww, what’s wrong babe?” Brooke asks.

“It’s just…it’s just that you all have made me feel so much better. Things have been so hard with Abby lately and this whole COVID-19 quarantine thing. I mean I know that it’s affecting everybody, but I’ve felt so alone. Just don’t know what to do. I really miss you guys!”

Miranda’s eyes became glossy but never dropped a tear. “Sweetie, you are the best mother I know. You are doing all the right things. Just know that Brooke and I are here for you for whatever you need. We love you!”

“That’s right babe. We’ve been through it all together. We will overcome this like we have everything else.” Brooke adds.

Candice dabs her tears with tissues. “Thank you besties!”

Brooke blows a kiss at the screen.  “You’re welcome babe, never hesitate to call when you’re feeling down. Now let’s talk about those granny panties!”

Miranda almost spits out her drink.

Words by Jada Ledbetter

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