A Uniquely Shaped Interior Design Trend to Make Your Room

interior design trend unique shapes ribbon console by koket

One interior design trend that is currently flowing through the industry is the use of unique shapes to enhance interior designs. Adding a distinctly shaped piece of furniture or lighting to a space is an instant way to add interest. From geometric forms and swirling lines to the human body, adding bold designs composed of mesmerizing shapes and forms will make beautiful interior statements. Pick one shape to carry a theme through or mix different ones together for a more eccentric vibe. Either way, this interior design trend is timeless as long as you love the piece you purchase, so get your shape on!

3 Unique Shapes to Enhance Your Interior

Geometric Forms

Geometric shapes and forms with their defined angles are a great way to create a bright and modern interior.

a pink gem table lamp by koket sitting on a cabriole leg black lacquer table - unique shaped lighting
The GEM Table Lamp makes a geometric splash with its brass cage-like frame and faceted pink gem.
hypnotic chandelier and ivy cocktail table by koket in a gray and brown living room design
The geometric angles of the HYPNOTIC Chandelier and IVY Cocktail Table add a modern edge to this architecturally classic space.

The Human Form

In aesthetics, the human form in art involves a study and appreciation of the beauty of the human body. Add a provocative cocktail table to your living room and conversation will flow along with glamourous and sexy vibes.

tabu cocktail table human form in design koket - sexy legs table
The TABU Cocktail Table is a guaranteed conversation starter and a perfect way to bring sexy vibes to any interior.

Or perhaps a powerfully symbolic polished brass hand delicately grasping a white onyx fan attempting to cool the glowing heat of her inner light.

muse sconce by koket - hand decor - interior design trend
The polished brass hand of the MUSE Sconce radiates chicness with its unique form.

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Swirling Lines

kiki side table koket - metal hoop base table next to a claw foot tub - interior design trend - unique shaped furniture
The mesmerizing hoops of the KIKI Side Table a touch of sass.

Curving, undulating, swirling lines flow up and around and down drawing the eye of the beholder in and through each detail of the form they create. From a gentle spiral to the rhythmic motion of a ribbon flowing up and down add some twists to your interior for show-stopping style.

intuition dining table by koket - metal table with a swirling base - interior design trend unique shaped furniture
The swirling base of the INTUITION beautifully softens the many sharp angles of this foyer.
ribbon dining table, egoist mirror, nahema chairs by koket - interior design trend unique shapes
The RIBBON Dining Table base swirls and flows across this dining room creating a bold focal point in the space.

Words by Anna Beck Bimba