15 Best Furniture Pieces for Small Spaces

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Big or small a home is where the heart is! And while sometimes the very best things come in small packages, designing a small space that is uncluttered, comfortable, and functional while still looking great can be quite a challenge. However, with the right furniture pieces, you can absolutely create the interior of your dreams!

The trick is to choose furniture designs that can serve multiple purposes and pieces that are specially designed to fit into small spaces. Moreover, buying multi-purpose furniture will be easier on your pockets (always a plus!). You also may want to consider planning your space by creating your own mood board, a great way to express your vision before taking the plunge!

Read on for some of the best furniture designs for small spaces!

15 of the Best Furniture Designs for Small Spaces

Ottoman or Bench with Storage Space

An ottoman or bench with hidden storage space is an ideal pick for your small home. Get an upholstered piece so that it comfy and blends with your modern home. You can store anything from extra blankets to sheets and books in the storage space.

A Rolling Cart

Don’t have room for a bar cabinet? A tasteful and portable rolling cart can be a great option. You can move it around the house, and it can hold anything, including your pans and dishes.

Oscarine Lucite Bar Cart from Anthropologie - best furniture for small spaces
Oscarine Lucite Bar Cart from Anthropologie

Extendable Drop Leaf Dining Table

You don’t need to have a full dining table at all times, especially if your room is congested. A drop-leaf table can be adjusted to fit into a small space and can serve as a coffee table for two. When the occasion demands, you can unfold it and entertain your guests. 

Stacking Chairs

Another clever way to save space is to get stacking chairs for your dining room. Once you are done with your dinner, you can stack up the chairs and store it in a corner. Your dining room space can be freed up for other purposes during the day.

Marlene Stacking Chairs from Alma Design, designed by JF Smith
Marlene Stacking Chairs from Alma Design, designed by JF Smith

Foldable Chairs

Much like the stacking chairs, foldable chairs can be folded and stored away after use. It is great for freeing up your dining room space. Consider getting ones with plush cushions to eat in comfort.

C-shaped Table

C-shaped tables are not only stylish, but they save your floor space. You can tuck it close to a sofa or chair and enjoy your favorite beverage or use it to display a vase of flowers. They will add a modern touch to your space as well.

Lift-top Coffee Table

A lift-top table that can fold and rise at different levels is a must for small homes. It can serve as a work table, coffee table, or even a dining table. It is completely hassle-free and saves a ton of space.


Poufs are not only a great option when you need additional seating arrangements in a small space, but they can serve as a coffee table too. You can move them around, and they can be used as footrests. Plus, they add a cozy factor to your room. Poufs are versatile in their actual design. If you want an upholstered pouf, you can find them in a variety of patterns and colors. Or if you prefer raw materials, they can also be found in leather, faux leather, suede, and more. No matter what your style is, check out the poufs collection here to find designs that fit you perfectly.

Triangle-shaped Corner Desk

If you look around your house, you will find the space in the corner of your room is often wasted. Fill it up with a space-saving yet functional triangle-shaped desk. You can use it as your study table or even fit it in the guest room. A trick to make a small space feel bigger is to paint it with dark hues.  

Floating Desk

Owning a floating desk that attaches to your wall can free up precious floor space. You can get one with a shelf option to store your books or files. It will keep your home tidy and airy. To make your room appear bigger, consider placing a floor-length mirror behind a furniture piece.

Double Duty Nightstand

You can maximize every square inch of your room by getting a double duty nightstand. Go for one that has drawers and/or shelves and offers room on top for your favorite art table lamp or other essentials that you need near your bed.

KOKET bedroom featuring the Tamara Nightstand, Ruche Lamp and Forbidden II Bed
KOKET bedroom featuring the Tamara Nightstand, Ruche Lamp and Forbidden II Bed

Sofa That Turns Into a Bed

Is having a separate guest room out of the question in your home? Consider getting a comfy sofa that can turn into a bed in your living room. The convertible sofa beds can save plenty of space. And you don’t have to worry about blending in with your décor as they are available in a plethora of designs and colors.  

Platform Bed with Storage Drawers

Platform beds with storage drawers can eliminate the need for a closet, freeing up maximum space. Your once messy room can turn into a neat and organized room overnight. These beds are available in different sizes, so you can pick one according to your requirements.

Foldable Wall Bed

No space for conducting your workout sessions at home? How about converting your bedroom into a gym during the day? You can get a wall bed that folds up into its drawer after you wake up. Great, isn’t it?

Murphy Bed by Amuneal - best furniture for small spaces
Murphy Bed by Amuneal

Wall-mounted Bookcase

When you have a small spaceevery square inch of your room counts. In this case, a floating bookcase will save more space than traditional bookcases as they usually have slimmer profiles. Plus, it will take less floor space while using up the vertical space.


Having a small space shouldn’t be the reason why your home is untidy and an uncomfortable place to nest in. The trick is to go for the right furniture designed for small spaces. Most of the furniture pieces, designed keeping small spaces in mind, are multi-purpose. So they will save maximum space. 

Go for the furniture pieces mentioned in this article and see how it transforms your cluttered home into a neat and organized space.

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