New Living Room Ideas: 5 Easy Ways to Revive Your Living Room

new living room ideas - vamp sofa, reptilian floor lamp and tears cocktail table by koket

A living room is a space where people often spend lots of time. It’s one of the most comfortable corners of your house. However, since you’ve been spending even more time there recently, you’ve started to notice that something is missing. If it’s not furniture, light, and comfort, then what is it? Sound familiar?

You don’t need to spend a fortune to make your living room feel more like the space you want it to. Everything you need to refresh it may very well already be in the area. Thus it might just be some finishing touches missing. Here are 5 ideas on how to revive your living room and satisfy your cravings for new.

1. Start from the ground

Even though floors seem like the last thing in the room you think about, they can really change how the whole space looks. If you’ve invested hard-earned money and time into the floor, why should you hide it?

koket luxury furniture - new living room ideas
Living room by KOKET

Over time, hardwood floors deteriorate. To bring out the shine again, consider refinishing it. Linoleums are also great options for a modern look. Instead of throwing out the worn one, try painting it to renew its colours or create an entirely new look.

If your room lacks natural light, opt for the lighter brown colours to highlight the furniture. On the other hand, if you find a “small cabin in the woods” type of look inspirational, consider darker shades for your floor.

2. Paint or add wallpaper

Living room design by Lori Morris
Living room design by Lori Morris

Just like your floors, your walls will need a new coat of paint, every other year or so. It is a marvellous opportunity to try something new. Instead of picking the dull and usually uninspiring white wall paint, think outside of the box.

You don’t need to be an expert to paint the wall. The first thing you need to do is remove the furniture from the room, and visualize in your mind what you want. Experiment! Pick an accent wall and paint it a different colour.

For example, a brown accent wall combined with a white couch or armchair really makes your living room pop. If you’re not a fan of accent walls, try bright colours for the entire room. Adding colour on the walls, whether with paint or a fabulous wallpaper is one of those small yet very impactful ideas, a sure way to make your living room feel new!

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3. Try a new layout

Interior design by top Toronto interior designer Lux Interior Design
Interior design by top Toronto interior designer Lux Interior Design

Since painting requires removing the furniture from the room (or at least moving it around!), why not try a new arrangement? A new layout can really bring out the charm of your living room. You might discover a new favourite corner of the house, or make your living room seem more spacious.

Since you’re rearranging the furniture, experiment. Instead of focusing your living room on a TV, pick a different focal point. For example, a window or a fireplace if you have one. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your TV.

You can also combine different pieces of furniture. Place a coffee table right next to your couch, or add a floor lamp behind it. Bring your bookshelves together and move your favourite armchair by the window. So many possibilities!

4. Décor

Park Crescent Taylor Howes Top Interior Designers in London - emerald green living rooms - green and white living rooms - living room design ideas - beautiful living rooms - best interior designers in london - modern living rooms
Living room design by top interior designer Taylor Howes

No room feels homey and cosy without décor. No matter what style you’ve chosen for your living room, adding unique details can really revive the space. Don’t think only about lamps, small figurines or table cloths. How else could you decorate the room?

Let’s face it, empty walls are cold. Even the funky industrial trend allows wall paintings or art as a finishing touch of this impressive style. Modern or chic rooms are simply not complete without details on the walls. So, for a comprehensive and magnificent looking your living room, add wall prints. Whatever style you choose, wall prints can completely refresh the room. Match different frame sizes and art styles for the extraordinary eclectic look.

Besides wall prints, you can create an intriguing look by adding mirrors. They can visually enlarge your living room and make it look more aesthetically pleasing.

Another great way to spruce up your living room decor is with new window treatments!

Custom Drapery by Stoneside
Custom Drapery by Stoneside

5. Plants

Green potted plants are an excellent way to literally refresh your room. Where ever you decide to place them, they will add life. Plus, they are an ideal distraction from any little flaws or not so aesthetically pleasing details or furniture you may have.

deliciosa chair by koket - new living room ideas

To keep them healthy and looking great, you need to know how to care about your indoor plants. Every plant or flower is different and has its own rhythm of watering and preferences regarding heat and moisture.

Be careful when placing plants around the room. Some like more light and require to be closer to the window, while others are not a perfect match for the heat. So, selecting different kinds of plants for each space is ideal.


As you can see, you don’t have to implement endless ideas or spend a fortune to make your living room feel new. Simple and small changes around the space can make a huge impact. Just by changing the colour of the wall or adding wall art, you can completely revive your space!

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